Fulton’s Vanishing Polling Sites

To The Editor:
1835, 1902 and 2018.

The above dates are very important to the city of Fulton, NY.

In the year of 1835 the village of Fulton, NY, was incorporated.

In the year of 1902 the villages of Fulton and the village of Oswego Falls merged to become the city of Fulton, NY.

The year of 1902 is the first year residents were to vote for any elections in the newly formed city of Fulton, NY.

From that date there were at times polling sites in every available location.

Sometimes there were polling sites in each ward.

Making it convenient for the voters to cast their votes in all elections.

From the year of 1902 until the year of 2018 the voters on the east side of Fulton had polling sites solely inside the city of Fulton.

In 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed giving women the right to vote.

In the year of 2018 the voters on the east side of the city of Fulton lost polling sites to the town of Volney.

The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote and Oswego County BOE took away their right to vote inside the city they live in on the east side.


The only exception is the Fifth Ward First District, they vote at Towpath Towers.

That’s right, the rest of the voters on the east side of the city of Fulton now vote in the town of Volney for all elections local, national and state.

Not only is it outside the city of Fulton it is not on any bus route.

So the city of Fulton has gone from having a plethora of polling sites (on the east side) inside the city to having one on the east side.

Well done Board of Elections, nice job suppressing the vote.
The BOE should be finding sites that make the voting process more convenient therefore increasing the number of voters.

This was caused through the ignorance on the part of the election commissioner on the Democratic side to the fact of knowing history.

Being new to the job, consultation with the mayor, city counselors and county legislators would have prevented this travesty.

Both BOE commissioners agreed to the move in 2018, but now the Republican Commissioner will not agree to moving it back inside the city.

Now they will say that the new location had overwhelming praise from the poll workers.

I say you don’t build a store for the workers you build it for the customers.

Location, location, location!

The voters are the customers.

There were other locations inside the city limits, but were ruled out for one reason or another.

One was Holy Trinity Church; reason was it has an elevator. It would take too long to load the voting machines and what if the elevator broke down.

Another place was City Hall in the Community Room. There wasn’t enough parking for the poll workers.

Both were lame excuses.

Then there was this reason why not to move it back inside the city, there has been only one letter in protest against the Volney site.

So, I say if you want the east side of the city of Fulton to have all its polling sites inside the city – please write or call the BOE.

At the phone number and address below, ask to speak to the Election Commissioner or send your letter addressed to the Election Commissioner.

If you are happy with it being outside the city also call or write.
Oswego County Board of Elections: phone numbers: 315-349-8350 – Democrate
315-349-8351 – Republican

185 E. Seneca St. Box 9,
Oswego, NY 13126 – Attention Commissioner.

Frank Castiglia Jr. County Legislator 25th District


  1. Oh the horror! A polling site is now a mile outside the city limits. This naturally equates to voter suppression and nullifying a woman’s right to vote. After reading your “hair on fire” editorial, I have only one thing to say.
    …and the Oscar goes to.

  2. Fairgreive School,State Street Church,Erie Street School, Boe Bldg (Old High School) Why aren’t they options?

  3. I think Frank has a point here. It would be nice to have a polling place inside Fulton. Let’s see if we can work together with the Board of Elections to get it done.

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