Fun At Volney Elementary’s Field Day

Hannah Woodard from Dawn Wells’ kindergarten class soars over a hurdle at Volney’s annual field day.Submitted Article

VOLNEY, NY – A day of near-record heat didn’t stop the students at Volney Elementary from enjoying their annual field day.

Students took to the field behind their school last week for a day of fun and games with their classmates.

Second grade teacher Catherine Healy can’t stop having fun in the sack race at Volney’s annual field day.Screams of laughter came from the more than ten stations of fun and challenging events that were set-up by the physical education instructors.

The school brought in an inflatable air jumper for the students to hop around in.

There was an obstacle course challenge that required students to jump over and wiggle under hurdles before crossing the finish line on a hippity-hop ball.

Dashual Buxton, Richard Murtaugh, Jacob Cody, Randy Shatell, and Justin Gates from Anne Grabowski’s second grade class pull their end of the rope in the tug-of-war challenge at Volney’s annual field day.Other events included a jump rope relay challenge, tug-of-war competition, sack race, wet sponge toss, and water carrying challenge.