Fundraisers Planned For Families of Accident Victims

OSWEGO, NY – In the wake of last week’s triple fatal accident, plans are under way for fundraisers to benefit the families of the victims.

“My son, Alan Walter, knew the victims,” said Tracy A. DeCann. He is currently in Afghanistan. But, he wants to do something to help.”

A single candle burns recently at a memorial for the three victims
A single candle burns recently at a memorial for the three victims

“Many of their friends and family members are my friends and our former office manager lost her son,” she continued.

Beth Clark and a few other friends will be helping DeCann.

“My son is thinking about donating $500 to help get this started to cover printing costs, for raffle tickets, VFW 2320 hall rental and other things,” she said. “I’m donating $200 myself to open the account fund. We have several people already who are ready to begin helping.”

Anyone interested in helping to help raise funds and to organize the Senke-Purdy-Mendez Memorial Fund can contact DeCann via Facebook, email: [email protected] or call  315-402-6806 after 4 p.m.

Fifty percent of the money raised this year will assist the families for the burial costs/immediate needs.

The remaining amount will be placed in a memorial scholarship account for the children of the three men who lost their lives June 5, DeCann explained.

The car accident took the lives of three men that have left behind loved ones, Clark said.

“This tragedy gave a sobering wake up call to Oswego’s community. Nothing will bring back the lives lost. Going forward, more importantly, it gives us the opportunity to pull together for a common good!” she said. “Uplifting and brightening the lives of the children left behind can bring the community together for years to come.”

The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,”  is particularly true here today as the three fathers have left behind eight children, according to Clark.

“I know some of these men and they were the financial providers for these families. I don’t want depression and despair to take over the loved ones left behind,” she said.

The gravity of the situation is now sinking in for the children, she added.

Clark has put in motion two efforts on the families’ behalfs.

Stuart’s will have a jug Monday through Sunday for one week. Please contribute there any way you can. Larry’s Salmon Shop/Bling it On Women’s Accessories has a jug for contributions as well.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.


  1. I feel there should be a trust fund set up for just the children so when reach 18 or 20 they will have money for college or any type of education or clothing they need then because now there are people out there helping them already. I feel this is the right thing to do.I am just thinking of the children as they get older.”My opinion.”

  2. Yes Betty, Our goal for the Senke-Purdy-Mendez Memorial Fund is to give a $5000.00 Scholarship per child for their College Education or Career Training. May God Bless these little ones. T.D.

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