Garbage Rate Increase Hearing On Tap

To The Editor:
There’s a public hearing on Oct. 18 to discuss the raising of garbage rates in the city of Fulton.

The rates purposed are to go from $51 a quarter to $63 a quarter.

That means it will go from $204 a year to $252 a year.

A sticker to use the county landfill will be only $185 a year.

I agree with the fact that the rates have to be raised to cover the increased tipping fees imposed by the county.

The problem I have is with the amount of increase suggested by the city of Fulton.

The county raised the tipping fee $10 a ton.

Now there are a few ways to figure this. Let’s take the simple one first.

All these figures are based on the city having 3,455 (information from the city assessor) households.

The city of Fulton generated around 3,100 tons (total tonnage charged to the city from the county) of garbage in 2015.

This would equate to an increase of $31,000 total to the city.

Now you divide that amount by the number of households in the city (3,455) and you come up with $8.97 increase for a year per household or $2.24 per quarter.

Now there may be other factors that enter into this equation like raises, multi-family housing, asbestos etc.

Second way is: Each average household generates around 3.22 tons of household waste a year.

City of Fulton only generates 0.89-ton of household waste a year per household given they only generated 3,100 tons for 2015.

Which would mean that a $10 increase would mean a $32.22 increase per household per year.

If you divide that by quarters it would mean an increase of $8.05 per household per quarter.

Again the other factors have to be figured in here yet.

The city is talking about increasing the garbage rates by $48 a year.

The highest increase in the above calculations is $32.22 a year.

The closest to what it should be is $8.97 a year.

An increase of $48 a year may cause undo hardship to some senior citizens who only generate maybe 1 small bag of garbage or less a week.

They also are only living here 6 or 7 months a year.

Now an $8.97 increase they might be able to live with and that would cover the cost increase imposed by the county.

Any increase is going to upset many taxpayers.

But, the alternative may cost more or be a lot more inconvenient.

I would suggest an increase of $5 a quarter making the total be $56 a quarter or a total increase of $20 a year.

This would be under the costs of a private hauler and more convenient than taking it to the landfill yourself.

Again, the city of Fulton leaders must increase the fee but not because they want to but because they have to.

I’m only asking the increase be as little as possible.

If you are concerned, go to the meeting on Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. in city hall and express your concerns.

It’s your city and your bills that will be affected.

If enough people talk they may listen.

I will not be able to attend.

Frank Castiglia Jr.


  1. Well almost a dozen people attended tonight’s meeting. I and three other people spoke. I presented my case with up dated information. And it still showed that a $5 a quarter increase would take care of the county rate increase and take care of any raise in pay . but they still raised it $12 a quarter. so sad…

  2. Frank, it is very disgraceful and a poor misrepresentation of your intelligence to spout off numbers constantly. Unfortunately the numbers you begin with do not get you off on the right foot. In actuality you never derive at the correct calculation. So rather than making assumptions on how these calculations are made, take the time to figure it out CORRECTLY yourself or pose that question to the City at one of the meetings. Unfortunately anyone that reads your posts and tries to interpret your math and , or what you deem as factual are extremely mislead.

  3. Terry, Tell me where my numbers are off…If you see the amount of tons is said to be around was 3494….now the main point of the story was the fact that the amount of increase that the city was asking for wasn’t needed. At the CC meeting on Tues. I used the adjusted numbers. If I had said the amount was to high someone like yourself or your best friend Mr. Myers would have asked how I came up with that conclusion. The number of households in the city was given to me by the city assessor. We still only had an increase from the County of $34,494 dollars divided by the number of households(3455) comes out to $9.98 a year total. So for the city to raise the household bill by $48.00 a year is too high. Now where is my math off…if there are more households then the amount is less. Again so you don’t misunderstand it The point was the amount of increase was to high.

  4. Terry, I have to apologize for my early post. I have to try and remember not to read this and ans. before I have my first Pepsi in the am. I want to thank you for your suggestions and hope that it will help ;me in the future. I still have to say that my main point was still to drive home that the raise was to high. Also you give me way to much credit by saying my intelligence being high. If I truly had any real intelligence I wouldn’t be into being an elected official ….Sorry again for the shortness of this am…keep reading and keep letting me know how to improve.

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