Gary Thompson Seeks Hannibal Town Council Seat

To The Editor:

As a resident of the town of Hannibal for six years, I have learned a great deal about what I want for the town.

A town council with the taxpayer as first priority is my number one priority.

As a council member, when voting on town issues, I will first consider the impact it will have on the taxpayer.

I will not increase the burden. Instead I will do what I can to decrease the burden.

I feel Hannibal has a lot of potential.

My approach is to think outside the box, researching grants or other available funding, to improve our town and village.

I’ve taken a proactive approach to becoming a council member, by completing the NY State Comptroller budget training and researching various aspects of our town budget.

The Republican and Conservative parties have given me their official endorsements.

On November 3, I hope the members of the Hannibal community will also give me their official endorsement by voting Gary Thompson for town council.

Gary D. Thompson Jr.