Geitner Recognizes Mentoring Programs in Fulton Schools for National Mentoring Month

FULTON – January is National Mentoring Month and the Fulton City School District has many mentoring programs to acknowledge during this time of recognition.

Geri Geitner, director of student support services for Fulton City School District brought forth these programs for recognition at Tuesday’s (Jan. 26) board of education meeting.

While three of the four mentioned programs involve mentors from SUNY Oswego, the Fulton Student Mentoring Club pairs G. Ray Bodley high school students as mentors with elementary students from the four elementary schools within the district.

Out of 56 high school mentor participants, Kayleigh Hotaling and Sheenvia Conley were present at the board meeting to receive certificates and recognition for their volunteer work in the program.

Geitner proceeded to acknowledge the Mentor Oswego Program in which 18 SUNY Oswego students were paired with FCSD elementary students during the school day for two hours per week to act as positive role models.

Continuing, Geitner highlighted the Mentor Scholar Program of which FCSD students in community extended day programs were paired with ten trained SUNY Oswego undergraduate mentors in an academic and support program.

While this program benefits the FSCD students with academic support and establishing positive role model relationships, undergraduate SUNY students involved in this program can earn course credit through GST 311.

Finally, the STEM Mentor Program was recognized by Geitner for the five graduate students from SUNY Oswego that volunteered to teach STEM disciplines to FCSD students in community school extended day programs.

The SUNY mentors in this program worked specifically with Fulton Junior High School students on innovative programs in areas such as robotics and forensics to help expose the students to hands on STEM learning while at the same time are able to receive three credits through an elective equivalent course.

In a flyer distributed by Geitner to the board of education members, she says “We applaud the efforts of all who mentor our children in formal and informal programs and thank them for their time and support.”

The flyer also notes how research has shown that “students who have meaningful relationships with mentors are more likely to make responsible decisions, remain connected to school and avoid high risk behaviors.”

BOE member, Barbara Hubbard said, “The mentoring programs mentioned tonight are a great thing. We really appreciate all the volunteers, sometimes these students don’t know how much it means to the young ones they mentor.”