Generous Wal-Mart Donation Brightens Holiday For Oswego Schools

OSWEGO, NY – Oswego Wal-Mart donated $3,500 to the Oswego City School District “Family Giving Program.”

Making the holidays brighter
Making the holidays brighter

Representatives from many of the schools attended the presentation ceremony.

Each school in the district will receive $500 toward  holiday projects.

From left are Oswego Middle School Home and School Co-President Amy Skinner, Fitzhugh Park Principal Donna Simmons, Fitzhugh chairperson Therese McAdams Fitzhugh H&S  President Amelia Loomis, Oswego Wal-Mart store manager Sue Palmer,  Oswego Middle School Co-President Deanna Brown,  Leighton H&S President Pamela Dowd, Kingsford Park Co-President Lisa Roman and Wal-Mart Community Coordinator Jill Allen.

Representatives from Charles E. Riley and Minetto Elementary were not available for the photo.