Getting back to Grassroots

Dear Editor,

I want to personally thank Barbara Brown our legislator in district 8. Barbara Brown is not only a intelligent, hard working, and caring person but one that goes over and beyond her duties as a legislator. Last September 23 we lost our beloved father and husband. My mother who is a widow now faces many new and frustrating issues to deal with. Once Barbara heard of the problems that my mother is facing to try to settle the estate of my father among other things Barbara stepped in to assist. Barbara has made several countless hours on the phone on my mothers’ behalf and continues to support her.

I recently have had the pleasure of experiencing just what Barbara Brown stands for and works hard for. My family and I have sir come to difficult times including the possibility of losing our house, and when the doors seem to close on every lead we thought we had to pull us out Barbara was the ONLY one that would even listen to us. I guess with the economy being what it is our family is like every other one especially to those in higher positions. Barbara not only listened to our complaints but found the necessary information for US to follow thru so that we could help ourselves. Not a hand out but rather some important advice that will lead us to finally stand on our own feet. The last 10 weeks or better Barbara has been on the phone on our behalf from 7:30am until very late at night until we finally had our answers. Slowly we are beginning to stand on our feet step by step and even then Barbara shows up at my door twice now with a large basket of food including 2 large bricks of beef. Freshly frozen and vacuumed sealed. What a meal that was for my family of 6! During all of this my horse of 27 years almost passed away. Although we had a veterinarian come in my horse still was no better. Barbara stopped by when she heard and took time out of her busy schedule to see my horse. Do you know of any politician that would even care let alone take time out of there schedule to do that? All of this time Barbara could have been like any other politician getting out there smearing other people for her better meant and to hold on to her position but instead was so appalled in how one of her constituents family were being handled that she would not stop until we had answers. Barbara even took the time when the vet showed up to take a few moments to talk to him concerning my horse.

Barbara has been a legislator for 18 years and that just doesn’t happen by coincidence. Eighteen years of experience, making important contacts, building rapport with people in higher government, spending countless hours from Palermo, New York to Albany, New York are just a few to mention all for the people of Hastings, Palermo, and Schroeppel. Barbara Brown is on the following committees: Environmental Management Council, Elected to NYS Fish and Wildlife Management Council Region 7, Chairman of Agricultural Farm Land Protection, NYS Forestry Board, Infrastructure and Facilities, Oswego Health and Human Services Vice-Chair, Oswego Legislative delegate to NYS Association of Counties serving on the Resolution Committee to just name a few.

To my surprise when checking online after hearing some gossip regarding Barbara Brown in a negative fashion I found more information on just what Barbara has done and is doing for her constituents. I knew first hand how lucky we are to have her on our personal behalf however when doing my own homework as YOU all should also do when deciding on primary day. Be informed not mislead! Who do you want in YOUR corner??

The Haberer Family