Ghost Tours at Pratt House and Fulton Public Library

FULTON – FOH (Friends of History) and the Fulton Public Library will co-sponsor a ghost tour October 30. Earlier this year the ghost hunters visited the buildings and definitely found some activity at both sites. Participants will have the opportunity to tour both buildings led by the “ghost hunters” and hopefully will be visited by former tenants.
The tours are being given by Soul Searchers of Auburn, New York. You will be able to see their supernatural detection equipment and hear about the lights, the voices, the sounds, and the shadows. The tour will take you parts of these buildings not usually open to “Jon Q Public”.
Each tour group will consist of 10 people and will begin at the library and then move over to the Pratt House where Mrs. Pratt will greet you as you enter the front door. Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the tour.
Raffle tickets will be available and the winner will have the opportunity for a personal ghost tour in November.
Call the Fulton Public Library (592-5159) for more information and to make your reservation to reserve your time slot. Tours will start precisely at 7:00PM and run every 30 minutes until 10:00PM.
Tickets went on sale September 9th, so HURRY UP and get yours NOW!!! Because of the scheduling issues, tickets are ONLY being SOLD AT the LIBRARY.
If you would like more information, please call the library at 592-5159 or The Pratt House Museum at 598-4616.