Gillen is Mayor-Elect of Oswego; Woodward Wins New Term in Fulton

Tom Gillen, right, watches as results come in on the Oswego mayoral race Tuesday night. Gillen, a Democrat, defeated William 'Dave' White, the Republican candidate. At left is current Oswego Mayor Randy Bateman who decided not to seek another term.
Tom Gillen, right, watches as results come in on the Oswego mayoral race Tuesday night. Gillen, a Democrat, defeated William 'Dave' White, the Republican candidate. At left is current Oswego Mayor Randy Bateman who decided not to seek another term.

Tom Gillen won the task of leading Oswego city government in 2012 with a strong victory Tuesday in the county’s most prominent contested election.

He beat Republican William “Dave” White by about a 65 – 35% margin, according to unofficial results from the county Board of Elections.

Gillen will take over for Randy Bateman, who chose not to run for reelection.

Earlier Tuesday evening, Gillen told Oswego County Today that he was “cautiously optimistic” as results began to trickle in to Vona’s Restaurant on Oswego’s westside where he and fellow Democrats were rallying with supporters.

“Things are looking pretty good right now, from what I’ve been told. The waiting does do a number on your nerves,” he admitted. “I believe we (both) ran a good campaign. I met a lot of interesting people.”

“That’s the way it goes,” a subdued White said. “I congratulated Mr. Gillen and I wished him well.”

“Mr. White called to congratulate me and I said, ‘I hope I can count on you going forward. If there are any ideas you might have, let me know.’ Now I am looking forward to getting going,” Gillen said.

“I don’t want to say I am thrilled, because I’m more than thrilled. I’m just overjoyed with the response from the people of Oswego,” he continued. “It was a long, hard campaign. But, I came from nobody knew who I was … and then all of a sudden people started saying, ‘Oh, I know who Tom Gillen is.’ And then the people on campaign ran a wonderful campaign, getting out the vote. I’m just pleased and very happy with the response from the entire community. I’m looking forward to keeping the city moving in the right direction. We have a lot of work ahead of us but together we can get it done.”

“I want to thank the voters for their support,” said Mike Todd who (unofficially) defeated Democrat Michael T. Johnson for the Third Ward seat on the Oswego Common Council. “It was a lot of fun going out into the ward and meeting people and hearing about their concerns. I met some great people in my ward. I really look forward to serving them.”

There are a lot of problems in the ward that he will need to address, he added.

“I want to be hands-on and be available for them whenever they need me,” he said.

Democrat Francis Enwright beat back Republican Brenda Rice to claim the First Ward council seat.

“It’s nice to have a lot of friends here. I really want to thank the voters who supported me,” he said. “Tom and I went to school together, so I feel really good about working with him.”

“I’d like to thank my opponent for an interesting race,” said Eric Vanburen who defeated Republican Steve Loadwick for the city’s Sixth Ward seat. “This was my first time. It was fun and a learning experience as well. If we all put the future of the city at the forefront, we can work together and we can really get some stuff accomplished. I am excited to get started and get in there and work with the rest of the guys.”

He did a lot of campaigning along side Gillen, he added.

In the other Oswego council races:

  • Republican Mike Myers was unopposed in the Second Ward
  • Incumbent Shawn Walker (Republican) turned back Democrat challenger David Sugar in the Fourth Ward.
  • Republican Daniel Donovan was unopposed in the Fifth Ward
  • Republican Ron Kaplewicz was unopposed in the Seventh Ward.


In Fulton, incumbent Republican Mayor Ron Woodward has won another term.

He faced challenges from Conservative Tom Kenyon, a member of the Common Council, and independent newcomer Ralph Stacy, Jr.

Woodward took 55% of the vote in unofficial tallies.  Kenyon earned 27% of the vote and Stacy received 17% of the vote.

In a statement, Stacy offered a gracious concession. “I now call on all of you to work with the Mayor toward bettering our community. It is time for the citizens to unify once more, for the greater good of Fulton. I extend my congratulations to Mayor Woodward on his victory, and as I did during the election, I extend an offer of any assistance I can give to help our community. I wish him the best of luck, and congratulations on a hard fought battle,” Stacy wrote.

The political newcomer, a member of the police force at Cayuga Community College, thanked his supporters for what he called an awesome trip. “We may have lost this election, but if the people continue to hold city hall accountable, and work together toward a better Fulton, then we ultimately won regardless!”

Fulton’s Common Council will have a majority of Democrats in 2012.

Alan Emrich in the 1st Ward, Carmella Cavallaro in the 4th Ward and Lawrence Macner in the 6th Ward all won for the Democrats seats being vacated by incumbents.

Democrat Pete Franco and Republican Norman “Jay” Foster, both incumbents, won reelection, while Democrat Dan Knopp was unopposed.


Town Supervisor Ron Greenleaf won reelection by a large margin over former town leader Allen deMey.  Jack Beckwith and Charles Reed won the two seats in the three-way race for town board.  And Dan Mahaney keeps his job as town Highway Superintendent, but the margin of victory over George Ritchie was just 12 votes out of nearly 1,000 votes cast.  A recount is possible.

Oswego Town

Supervisor Vicky Mullen won a tight race for reelection.  She beat Jeff Wallace, 52% to 48%.  It was the town’s only contested race.


Incumbent town board member Carol Abbott lost her seat Tuesday.  She finished third in the race for two seats on the board.  Incumbent Matt Callen and challenger Lori Blackburn won the two seats.

Janet Ingersoll won the race for the unexpired term of the Town Clerk.

No other race in Granby was contested.

District Attorney

Greg Oakes won the job as Oswego County District Attorney.  He beat an independent challenger.

County Legislature

There were very few contested races for County Legislature.  Even so, the night saw one upset.

Democrat Dan Farfaglia beat incumbent Mark Fruce by a large margin.

Incumbents Morris Sorbello, James Karasek, Terry Wilbur, Jacob Mulcahey and Doug Malone all won reelection.

All other Legislature races were unopposed.


  1. I would like to say that i am disgusted in this election not due to the outcome but to the amount of voters less than 40 percent of both cities eligible voting population voted and yet most people in the area have nothing but bad things to say about the area well if they want change to happen they have to get up make a stand and vote instead they sat at home and did nothing its gross

  2. Curtis has hit the nail right on the head. The “misery” or whatever other adjective you want to describe either cities political standings and cities themselves isn’t going to change itself. We the people have the right and opportunity to change what is going around us. Yet there are still those that wont get out and vote, but constantly complain about this that and the other thing. My opinion is if you don’t vote you have no right complaining. Because if you did care as much as you say you do you would be actively attempting to change things. Change isn’t going to happen on its own. And unfortunately it sure doesn’t look like its going to change this time around. Stand up for your community, be proud of where you live and demand changes. Without your voices nothing will change and history will continue to repeat itself.

  3. I don’t understand why Woodward won the reelection yet again. What do the people of Fulton think of him? From my perspective, what has he really done for the city? Nothing! The Nestle plant still sits there rotting, the Birds Eye factory is closing in December. There is nothing to do in this city and Woodward won’t do a darn thing about it. I just hope the people will soon realize that Woodward is not the best person for this city.

  4. The good ole boys club is alive & well in Fulton. All the other districts read the #’s off the tapes within minutes of the polls closing..however I was a poll watcher at the War Memorial & things didnt play out that way…they read 1 machines results out loud but the 1st& 2nd machines on the floor were sealed before they read the results to the poll watchers (& they contained almost 1100 votes) and taken away without anyone reading the results to all the poll watchers waiting; this 1 over zealous Board of Elections worker began yelling at the poll watchers telling us we had not right to know and no right to be there!! Then another male BOE worker also starting holding his hands up and like pushing at the crowd & pushed my daughter (who was also a designated poll watcher) with his shoulder at least 2x! Threatened to call the police 2-3 times; A very nice woman who had given us the 1st numbers told him we had every right to be there and to obtain the numbers. We never did receive the results there. There were maybe 30 poll watchers there, people were only saying things like it isnt fair, we are entitled to the #s and 2 of the Board of Elections reps, both males, as described kept yelling at the crowd telling everyone to calm down when they were the only ones yelling to begin with! Thats what happens when they forget they work for the people…but so many with government jobs or politicians etc think that we work for them!! Very disheartening!!

  5. Yes it is VERY disappointing that so many of the people complain about government, yet do not register or vote if they did register. The only way things will change is if the people take action and even then it will take a long time to make the needed changes, we need to be diligent in our efforts and not just talk about it. So if you want to complain – vote and get involved or shut up! And everyone needs to get involved, we elect officals then do not hold them accountable, that is why we are in the mess we are. POLITIANS WORK FOR US AND THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED OF THAT. This includes our state and national politicans as well – WE NEED TO HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE – THEY WORK FOR US!

  6. I am disappointed in the low voter turn out also.
    Many offered to give rides if needed.

    Congrats to Tom Gillen.
    My sympathy to the city of Fulton.
    I cannot believe people care so little
    about this city that they would not
    show to vote and those who did decided
    for all of us that the city is okay the way
    it is.

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