God’s Global Barnyard at Prince of Peace

During the month of December, members of Prince of Peace Church fill up small, colorful cardboard barns with loose change. The money goes to help buy animals for hungry people around the globe.

Baby chicks, for example, will grow and provide eggs to eat and sell. Sheep will produce wool to make clothes, while a goat, which costs only $50, “can provide nutritious fresh milk that can be used to make products like yogurt and cheese to sell at the market.”

This mission, called “God’s Global Barnyard,” is part of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s World Hunger Relief effort: “Animals can make a world of difference for a family in need. Animals provide food to eat, fertilizer to grow crops and offspring to sell on the market.”

Just one gift “can help a family escape the cycle of hunger and poverty for good.”

Basically, it’s a way to help people help themselves.

Those participating in God’s Global Barnyard at Prince of Peace are invited to write on a little piece of paper what animal they’d like their donation to go toward and place it in their individual barn.

The barns are retuned on Christmas Eve and placed under the Christmas tree.

Last year, more than $800 was sent to ELCA to help fight hunger around the globe.

Prince of Peace Church is located just outside Fulton, on the corner of Gillespie Road and Route 176 North (the Whitaker Road).