Goldbug Party at the John Wells Pratt House

The Friends of History In Fulton, N. Y., Inc. is having a Goldbug Party at the John Wells Pratt House Museum, 177 South First Street, Fulton, N. Y. from 1 to 4 P. M., on Sunday, November 6, 2011.

This party will give attendees an opportunity to turn in their unwanted gold items, such as broken or out of style jewelry, single earring, class ring, dental gold, charms, bracelets, key chains, cuff links, pins and metals or other gold items, for cash. Representatives of the Goldbug Party will weigh each piece and pay you on the spot for the value of your gold items, if you should decide to sell

Goldbug is a women-owned business and representatives attend private events for the purpose of purchasing gold. Your gold will be tested and weighed in front of you and watching the process is part of the fun of the event. You will receive a check for the full value of the gold you sell on the spot and the Friends of History will receive 10% of the total value of the gold purchased by Goldbug Party. This is an excellent way of making some extra money for your holiday spending and supporting the Friends of History at the same time.

The Friends of History will serve refreshments while you wait to see the Goldbug Party representative, so bring a friend and enjoy the afternoon at the Pratt House Museum.

Call 315-598-4616 with questions.