Golden Spoon Honors For Fairgrieve Elementary Students

Several students at Fairgrieve Elementary School were recently recognized in front of their peers, teachers and guests because they exhibited excellent behavior in the cafeteria throughout the month of October.

Golden Spoon honors were accompanied by “brag tags” to add to the recipients’ collections.

The following students received such honors: Ava Corradino, Tristan DeMunn, Jasmine Paro, Francis Corradino, Christine Chappell, Arthur Hager, Crystal Robinson, Ava Burr, Lilyana Loftus, Eddie Ramirez-Abrams, Oakley France, Sophia Clark, Ben Renfrew, Jala Blackshear, Jeremiah Blake, Matthew Beebe, Kendra Farr, Callen Cowden, Gavin Cole, Savannah Mirabito, Elijah Brooks, Hayden Lockwood, Travis LaClaire, Keyiara Guernsey and Matthew Clark.