Graham, Rowe and Payne Earn Galloway Century 21 – Turning Stone Resort Casino Oswego Speedway Main Events

OSWEGO, NY  – After nearly pulling off a win in the Grand Prix 75 on June 30 before running short on fuel, Ray Graham returned Saturday night with a vengeance and sealed the deal in the Galloway Century 21/Turning Stone Resort · Casino 50-lap Novelis Supermodified feature.  The Xtreme No. 90 started from the outside of row number one and led every lap giving Graham his 7th career Oswego Supermodified victory.

Finishing the Top 10 order behind Graham were Randy Ritskes, Otto Sitterly, Pat Lavery, Shaun Gosselin, Jeff Abold, Joe Gosek, Dan Connors Jr., Joey Payne and Mike Barnes.

Jerry Curran and Graham would bring the 25 car Novelis Supermodified field down to the Cam’s NY Pizzeria green flag with Graham gaining the early advantage in the No. 90.  As Graham sped out into the lead your defending King of Wings winner Dave Gruel, and Randy Ritskes began to make moves further back.

Gruel and Ritskes managed to make it three wide around Otto Sitterly in turn three on just the second lap then each dove under Jeff Abold on the next circuit in the same corner to move to 6th and 7th in the run down.

However, Gruel’s string of good fortune would come to an end on lap 6 as he, Michael Muldoon, and Tim Devendorf all found the outside wall in turn three ending their days.  Bobby Haynes and Shawn Muldoon were also involved, but neither made any contact.

With a cleanup needing to take place the field was brought to a stop and allowed refueling to top off their tanks.  Graham continued to lead the way over Curran, Shaun Gosselin, Ritskes, Abold, Sitterly, Dave Danzer, Pat Lavery, Dan Connors Jr., and Brian Sobus.

As the field came back to green Ritskes took off yet again in the No. 88.  The defending Grand Prix 75 winner drove around Gosselin for 3rd on the restart and one lap later slid underneath Curran for the runner-up spot.  Now, just as on June 30, Ritskes found himself in the tire tracks of the Graham No. 90, doing his best to gain ground.

As Graham and Ritskes distanced themselves from the field, the Gosselin No. 26 continued its turnaround 2012 campaign.

After winning a qualifying event earlier in the night, Gosselin continued his good run in the main and on lap 11 drove under Supermodified veteran Curran for 3rd in turn three.  Curran would wash up the race track allowing Sitterly, Abold, Lavery, Connors, and Sobus to all make their way by as well.

After a two race stretch of tough finishes, Sitterly had a smooth and consistent night in the No. 7.  On lap 29 Sitterly was able to work his way past Gosselin for 3rd in turn four setting his sights on the race leaders.  Just two laps later he would have his chance to restart closer to the top two.

Caution lights would come on at lap 31 as Sobus and Danzer made contact, spinning down the back straightaway.  Danzer would return to action, but Sobus was done for the night in the No. 60.

The restart order at lap 31 showed Graham, Ritskes, Sitterly, Gosselin, Abold, Lavery, Connors and Joe Gosek.

The Gosek team was able to return with the No. 00 Saturday night after their vicious trip into the turn two wall in June.  The No. 00 arrived at the Speedway after practice and heat racing had concluded, leaving Gosek to run from the tail of the 11 car consolation event.  Gosek worked his way to 6th to earn a spot in the main event, and after starting deep in the field found himself running 8th at lap 31.

As the race went back to green with just 19 laps remaining, the field seemed to run back into the hands of championship runner-up Lavery once again in the No. 22.  Lavery managed to work his way high around Abold for 5th on the restart and four laps later worked low on Gosselin to move to 4th as Lavery was doing his best to keep pace with point leader Sitterly, currently running 3rd.

As the field appeared to have shaken out for a 10 lap run to the finish, another red flag would hit the air on lap 41.  This time it was for the Snyder Racing No. 0, once again being piloted by Jarett Andretti.

Running in the 10th spot, Andretti made contact with the back stretch wall sending the No. 0 onto its roof.  Andretti was uninjured and would be credited with a 13th place finish in the final rundown.

With nine laps remaining Graham brought Ritskes, Sitterly, Lavery, Gosselin, Abold, Gosek, Connors, Payne, and Barnes back to the line and that is just how they would stay at the conclusion.  Graham would pull out to just about a second advantage on Ritskes and Sitterly, as the No. 90 streaked underneath the Cam’s NY Pizzeria checkered flag and drove to Chris Nelson Insurance Victory Lane.

Rowe Returns to Victory Lane in Oswego SBS Main Event

Cameron Rowe joined Rob Pullen and Mark Castiglia as multiple feature winners this season in the Pathfinder Bank SBS Series, as he captured the Galloway Century 21/Turning Stone Resort · Casino 30-lap SBS main on Saturday night at Oswego Speedway.  Rowe took the lead from David LaTulip on lap 19 and never looked back on route to his 3rd career Oswego SBS victory.

Andrew Schartner, Kreig Heroth, Mike Bond, Mike Bruce, Jason Simmons, Jack Patrick, Josh Kerr, and Jon Tesoriero completed the Top 10 run down in the SBS main.

LaTulip would take the early lead of the SBS main underneath the Cam’s NY Pizzeria starter stand behind the wheel of the TNT Motorsports No. 17.  The No. 17 looked strong early in front of the field, a much welcome sight to driver and crew, as the defending SBS Rookie of the Year has struggled for much of the season.  On Saturday night however LaTulip was hooked up and stormed to the front leading Rowe who quickly jumped up to the runner up spot.

The night would see its first caution on lap 9 as Rob Pullen lost control in turn two.

LaTulip would lead Rowe, John Ketcham, Josh Kerr, and Andrew Schartner back to the line for the restart.

As the green lights came back on Rowe would immediately begin to pressure LaTulip for the top spot.  Rowe, the 2012 Tony White Memorial winner, was hungry for another main event win after a stuck throttle forced him gently into the outside third turn wall on a restart while running 2nd one week ago.

With Rowe all over LaTulip, both Kerr and Schartner began to advance through the field as they moved to the low side on Ketcham in turn one on lap 13.  Ketcham would continue to back slide from there as one lap later Simmons, Bruce, Heroth, and Bond were also able to make their way by dropping the No. 11 back to 9th.

From that point, championship contenders Heroth and Bond turned up the wick as each made their way underneath Bruce to move just outside of the Top 5 on lap 17.

Just two laps later up front, Rowe’s pressure finally paid off as on lap 19 the No. 77 found its way by LaTulip to the top spot and began to pull away from the field.

With Rowe well out front with just 10 laps to go, LaTulip also held a comfortable advantage on third place running Josh Kerr.  Unfortunately for Kerr, lap 22 would see a freight train of racecars push him off the podium as Schartner, Heroth, Bond, and Bruce all made their way by.

Schartner was able to reel in LaTulip for 2nd in the closing laps, but was unable to do anything with the No. 17 for the runner-up spot.  As LaTulip and Schartner battled, Rowe went on uncontested for his second win of the 2012 season at Oswego.

Joey Payne Makes Last Lap Pass for ATQMRA TQ Midget Win at Oswego

New Jersey’s Joey Payne, the normal pilot of the Mike Muldoon No. 20 Supermodified, used a last lap pass Saturday night to pick up the Galloway Century 21/Turning Stone Resort · Casino ATQMRA TQ Midget win on the Oswego Speedway short track.  Payne started deep in the field and passed Robin Johnston for the win at the line.

Ion Cumens, Ryan Tidman, and Buddy Sload completed the Top 5 in the ATQMRA 20-lap main.

Another Supermodified competitor, Mike Barnes, also ran the TQ Midget feature driving the Roselli No. 98x.  Barnes ended the event on the lead lap with an 8th place finish.

Next on tap for Oswego Speedway will be the 62nd annual SUNOCO Race of Champions July 19-21.  Visit for detailed ticket and event information.  The Pathfinder Bank SBS Series will run a 50-lap main event on Friday night, while the Novelis Supermodifieds will join the action on Saturday with a 62-lap feature go.

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Saturday, July 14th, 2012
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, NY
Century 21 Galloway Realty/Turning Stone Resort & Casino Night

Thursday, Friday, Saturday July 19th-21st 62nd SUNOCO Race of Champions

Feature (50-laps): 1. 90-Ray Graham, 2. 88-Randy Ritskes, 3. 7-Otto Sitterly, 4. 22-Pat Lavery, 5. 26-Shawn Gosselin, 6. 05-Jeff Abold, 7. 00-Joe Gosek, 8. 01-Dan Connors, 9. 20-Joey Payne, 10. 99-Michael Barnes, 11. 9-Stephen Gioia III, 12. 33-Rod Sauter, 13. 0-Jarett Andretti, 14. 52-Dave Danzer, 15. 1-Shawn Muldoon, 16. 21-Kody Graham, 17. 60-Brian Sobus, 18. 44-Bobby Haynes, 19. 87-Keith Gilliam, 20. 24-Jerry Curran, 21. 66-Lou Lavea Sr., 22. 51-Michael Muldoon, 23. 5-Tim devendorf, 24. 50-Dave Gruel, 25. 02-Brandon Bellinger

1st Heat (12laps/6 Qualify): 1. 26-Shawn Gosselin, 2. 7-Otto Sitterly, 3. 24-Jerry Curran, 4. 01-Dan Connors, 5. 21-Kody Graham, 6. 60-Brian Sobus, 7. 87-Keith Gilliam, 8. 43-TJ Woolsey, 9. 66-Lou Lavea Sr., 10. 06-Dave Cliff

2nd Heat (12laps/6 Qualify): 1. 90-Ray Graham, 2. 50-David Gruel, 3. 88-Randy Ritskes, 4. 05-Jeff Abold, 5. 20-Joey Payne, 6. 99-Michael Barnes, 7. 9-Stephen Gioia III, 8. 14-Joe Chillemi, 9. 33-Rod Sauter, 10. 02-Brandon Bellinger

3rd Heat (12laps/6 Qualify): 1. 51-Mike Muldoon, 2. 52-Dave Danzer, 3. 22-Pat Lavery, 4. 5-Tim Devendorf, 5. 44-Bobby Haynes Jr., 6. 0-Jarett Andretti, 7. 1-Shawn Muldoon, 8. 12-Alison Cumens, 9. 56-Hal LaTulip, 10. 81-Kelly Miller

Consi (10 Laps/6 Qualify): 1. 87-Keith Gilliam, 2. 9-Stephen Gioia III, 3. 1-Shawn Muldoon, 4. 66-Lou Lavea Sr., 5. 33-Rod Sauter, 6. 00-Joe Gosek, 7. 06-Dave Cliff, 8. 14-Joe Chillemi, 9. 43-TJ Woolsey, 10. 56-Hal LaTulip, 11. 02-Brandon Bellinger

Feature (30-laps): 1. 77-Cameron Rowe, 2. 17-David LaTulip, 3. 18-Andrew Schartner, 4. 04-Kreig Heroth, 5. 26-Mike Bond, 6. 22-Mike Bruce, 7. 98-Jason Simmons, 8. 9-Jack Patrick, 9. 8-Josh Kerr, 10. 47-Jon Tesoriero, 11. 79-Tim Barbeau, 12. 11-John Ketcham, 13. 88-Bryan Haynes, 14. 2-Rob Pullen, 15. 5-Tim Gareau, 16. 24-AJ Bernys, 17. 01-Dalton Doyle, 18. 99-Brad Haynes, 19. 27-Nate Sitterly, 20. 87-Nick Barzee, 21. 93-JJ Andrews, 22. 69-Mark Castiglia

1st Heat (10laps/All Qualify): 1. 04-Kreig Heroth, 2. 98-Jason Simmons, 3. 18-Andrew Schartner, 4. 17-David LaTulip, 5. 47-JonTesoriero, 6. 88-Bryan Haynes, 7. 24-AJ Bernys, 8. 87-Nick Barzee

2ndHeat (10laps/All Qualify): 1. 27-Nate Sitterly, 2. 5-Tim Gareau, 3. 22-Mike Bruce, 4.8-Josh Kerr, 5. 26-Mike Bond, 6. 69-Mark Castiglia, 7. 01-Dalton Doyle

3rd Heat (10laps/All Qualify): 1. 77-Cameron Rowe, 2. 9-Jack Patrick, 3. 11-John Ketcham, 4. 2-Rob Pullen, 5. 93-JJ Andrews, 6. 79-Tim Barbeau, 7. 99-Brad Haynes

Feature (20-laps): 1. 51-Joey Payne, 2. 13-Robin Johnston, 3. 79-Ion Cummens, 4. 1B-Ryan Tidman, 5. 53-Buddy Sload, 6. 36-John Gambuti, 7. 98-Matt Roselli, 8. 98x-Michael Barnes, 9. 18-AJ Fuge, 10. 33-Frank Fischer, 11. 39-Alison Cummens

1st Heat (8laps): 1. 1B-Ryan Tidman, 2. 33-Frank Fischer, 3. 13-Robin Johnston, 4. 98x-Michael Barnes

2nd Heat (8laps): 1. 36-Jon Gambutti, 2. 53-Buddy Sload, 3. 79-Ion Cumens, 4. 18-AJ Fuge, 5. 98-Matt Roselli