Granby Elementary Helps Students Set Attendance Goals

GRANBY – Granby Elementary Principal Heather Witter is serving up slices of fun during a school-wide classroom attendance competition.

In an effort to increase attendance rates across all grade levels, Witter said students have been tasked with encouraging one another to be present and on time every day of the 2017-18 school year.

The building’s goal is to have a weekly attendance rate of 91 percent.

If that goal is met, the grade levels earn a piece of pepperoni to put on their paper cut-out pizza, displayed across from the library.

If the grade levels earn 10 pieces, one for each week of the marking period, they will earn a pizza party.

According to Attendance Works, reducing chronic absences and increasing attendance rates will lead to higher literacy rates and better grades in elementary grades.

Once that pattern is established early on in a child’s school career, he or she is more likely to stay on track for graduation, advance to post-secondary education and enjoy a successful career.