Granby Students “Off to a Great Start”

During the month of October students at Granby Elementary School who were “Off to a great start” were acknowledged with a pizza party.

Pictured at Granby Elementary School’s “Off to a Great Start” pizza party were third graders, clockwise from left: Freddy White, Hannah Hobby, Emily Treneer, Alyssa Colon, Mackenzie Coant, Lydia Mirabito, Rebecca Stone, Cody Szamanski, Hannah Marvin, Mathias Alton, Ethan Locastro, and Cody Lawton. The students were recognized for their exemplary behavior and positive attitude during the first month of school.

Students were treated to lunch with Granby Elementary Principal Heather Perry, where they discussed their accomplishments during the first month of school.

This acknowledgement is part of the Fulton City School District’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program at Granby Elementary School.

Enjoying a special lunch to celebrate that they are “Off to a Great Start,” Granby Elementary School 4th grade students, left to right are: Sidney Bradshaw, Wesley VanBuren, Ryan Markarian, and Sean Hein.
Celebrating “Off to a Great Start” are first grade students Kyan Woodward, Grant Johnson, with Granby Principal Heather Perry, Ella Halladay, and Paityn Cali. The students were treated to a special pizza part lunch with the principal to celebrate their positive attitude and exemplary behavior during the first month of school.
Left to right, fourth grade students Devon Nicholson, Ella Hicks, Tiffany Sidmore, and Courtney Bennett enjoy pizza during the “Off to a Great Start” celebration with Granby Principal Heather Perry to recognize the students’ behavior and positive attitude at the school.