Grand King Visits Royal Arch Masons

Grand King Visits Royal Arch Masons

OSWEGO, NY – On Monday, Grand King Jeffrey M. Williamson visited the 19th Capitular District at Lake City Masonic Lake City Masonic Lodge in Oswego.

The Grand King was the Grand Visitor to the North was making his last visit before convention.

Heavy snow and frigid cold did not keep the hardy members of the 19th Capitular District from traveling to Oswego for the event.

High Priests from Fulton 167, Oswego River 270 and Pulaski 279 were welcomed by High Priest Robert Taylor of Lake Ontario 165 and District Deputy High Priest Harry J. Frazier.

Grand King Williamson drove to the evening meeting from Buffalo to be entertained with a feast prepared by the members of Lake City Easter Star.

He discussed the plans for growth in the Royal Arch Masons.

He has visited Brazil and has witnessed the tremendous growth in both Masonry and Royal Arch Masonry.

He discussed the sale of Royal Arch Seals designed by a Brazilian Royal Arch Mason and artist to support Royal Arch scholarships and the Masonic Medical lab.

The Grand King reflected on the symbolism of the Royal Arch.

After the evening’s activities, the hardy Royal Arch Masons returned to their home.