Grant Funding Announced For Assisted Living Facility

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Community Development Office has helped secure more funds for a major project in the Port City.

The New York State Homes and Community Renewal Office of Community Renewal announced on Saturday that the city of Oswego has been awarded a $466,000 Community Development Block Grant for an Economic Development Project that was proposed in April by the city of Oswego Community Development Office.

The money will be used to fill the funding gap for the $9.17 million 60-bed senior citizen assisted living project that is being sponsored by St. Luke’s Health Services, Inc.

St. Luke’s has secured an $8,008 Department of Health grant to support the construction of the new St. Francis Commons Assisted Living Facility.

The project will create an additional 30 FTE jobs in the city of Oswego.

“The city of Oswego grant will be utilized to provide low interest financing for the project to purchase furniture, fixtures and equipment for the facility,” said Mary Vanouse, Community Development Director. “The repayments on the loan will be recapitalize the Community Development Commercial Loan Program to assist other businesses in Oswego.”

The project will begin the process of environmental review and project scheduling over the next two months.

“This will be the first Assisted Living Facility in Oswego County,” Vanouse said. “We are thrilled to be able to partner with St. Luke Health Services to provide needed funding for the St. Francis Commons Assisted Living Facility project.”

Project schedules and contracts will be subject to the New York State Department of Health and New York Homes and Community Renewal review and approvals.

They had been waiting on the funding for the assisted living site for a while.

“We are looking forward to getting started on that one,” Vanouse said. “There are several other developments under way. Development takes a while; it doesn’t just spring up overnight.”

There are some exceptional developers locally, she added.

Community development funds are helping established Oswego businesses such as Harbor Towne Gifts as well as newer ones like Bridge Street Pizza, Mom and Pop’s restaurant, Manipulations massage therapy and others.

“There are probably a dozen or so projects under way, in one form or another,” Vanouse said. “The 2020 Vision plan gives us some guidance as to what comes next. We certainly have the sewers to upgrade. That’s what we’ve proposed at the beginning of this year. Things on the horizon include the Hampton hotel project, City Hall restoration, and a housing rehab and re-sell program.”

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  1. Mary Vanouse does this community development help the need for new windows put in at Simeon DeWitt. The water comes in though the window and when the wind blows they rattle. When my mom and myself lived there when it rained it came across in to the middle of the living room apts. facing the north side. Just wanted to see if this could help out with the people that live there. Thank You,.

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