Grant Funding Provides Hannibal Schools with Extra Layer of Security

The Hannibal Central School District has hired a School Security Aide.

Ed Brisson is a retired Onondaga County police officer with 23 years of experience.

His position is being paid for through a Title VI grant, a non-competitive grant that is part of the Title I consolidated application.

In addition to being an SSA, Brisson is also a public safety officer at Syracuse University and works part time for the Baldwinsville Police Department. He has also taught at West Genesee High School in its criminal justice program.

Brisson begins his day at Hannibal High School, patrolling the hallways and talking to students in his office. He also monitors the school’s first lunch period. The rest of the day is spent at Kenney Middle School, where he monitors seventh and eighth grade lunch periods.

“At KMS, students can’t wait to come up and talk to me,” said Brisson. At 6-feet, 7-inches, students often ask to compare heights. “I don’t mind though because I want them to see me as approachable.”

At the high school, Brisson said his office is an “orb of freedom” and that the door is always open.

He sees his role as another resource for students.

His goal by the end of the year is to familiarize himself with students, attend games and other community events.

As the SSA, Brisson is trained to observe behavioral issues and watch for warning signs that may indicate some type of stress or personal problem.

“It is important to keep an eye open and constant communication flowing with our students.”

Brisson said he feels lucky to work with such involved principals and a superintendent who is open to his ideas.