Grateful for Bi-Partisan Cooperation Regarding FitzPatrick

To The Editor:

At this time I wish to thank Chairman Kevin Gardner and Majority Leader Shane Broadwell for the extraordinary acts of bi-partisanship at the last two meetings of the Oswego County Legislature.

For anyone who has been paying attention to the activities in the Legislature recently, there is no doubt that at times, things have been acrimonious.

In addition to the disagreements that we have had, there was also the pressing matter of the announcement that the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant was going to shut down and more than 600 workers were likely to lose their jobs.

This would have negatively affected the region`s economy and any recovery would likely have been difficult. This was a scenario that all 25 members of the Legislature wanted to avoid.

Throughout the year, many proposals were offered to keep the plant open and it became more challenging as time went on.

Thanks to the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, a solution may soon be materializing.

The New York State Department of Public Service has announced an initiative called the Clean Energy Standard (CES). This offers incentives to keep the Upstate New York Nuclear Facilities operational and at the same time it would assist in keeping our environment safer for future generations.

It is awaiting final approval by the Public Service Commission in Albany.

At the County Legislative meeting held in June, a resolution in support of the Clean Energy Standard passed unanimously. Typically, whenever any resolutions are offered on the floor, it is sponsored by the committee chairman or if it is a late addition to the agenda, then the Majority Leader would offer it up for a vote.

Ordinarily, no other legislators’ names are on them. In regards to the resolution that passed in June, Majority Leader Broadwell had requested that my name be added to it in order to illustrate a bi-partisan message to the powers-that-be in Albany.

At the July meeting which was last week, the counties of Oswego and Wayne composed a rare joint resolution in support of the Clean Energy Standard.

Both of these counties are home to nuclear facilities.

Once again, this issue passed the Oswego County Legislature without a single negative vote.

Supporting this measure meant supporting the FitzPatrick jobs and all of the community benefits that come with it.

What made this unusual was that I was able to offer this up for a vote.

For the first time in many years, a member of my party was able to introduce a resolution to the full body. Just like last month, a strong bi-partisan message was sent to Albany.

Once again, I would like to thank Chairman Gardner and Majority Leader Broadwell for setting good examples and putting politics aside in support of a cause that we all agreed on. It is my hope that there will be more opportunities for greater collaborations among all of the legislators in the future.

As I said during the recent meeting, there are issues that go beyond politics, and the FitzPatrick jobs are one of them.

Dan Farfaglia Minority Leader Oswego County Legislature