Greenheart Visits Camp Hollis

French exchange students and host families assist at Camp Hollis

If you were at Camp Hollis on August 19, you probably saw a few extra teenagers on the grounds. They were part of a foreign exchange group from France. Part of CCI, also known as Center for Cultural Interchange, these teenagers participate in a program called Greenheart. Greenheart volunteers for many environmental and cultural events to bring countries and people together. These youngsters stayed with host families in the area and got together at Camp Hollis to assist with planting and weeding, raking and filling holes, and cleaning up debris on the beach. All to make the camp safer and more pleasing to the campers. Camp Hollis supplied them with a traditional camp lunch, consisting of the American popular sandwich, PBJ. Most of the kids from France loved the new meal and couldn’t get enough. They worked hard all day and it was a win-win situation for everyone. For more information on hosting a foreign exchange student from over 60 countries, please contact Linda Germain 561-1068