Group Holds Informational Picket, Rallies Against ‘Devastating Impacts’ Of Trump Tax Plan

An informational picket against the Trump Tax Plan was held along West Bridge Street on Friday.
An informational picket against the Trump Tax Plan was held along West Bridge Street on Friday.

OSWEGO – Speak Out Central New York rallied today (April 20) outside an Oswego event attended by Congressman John Katko. The informational rally denounced Katko’s ongoing misinformation campaign about the impact of the Republican tax scam for Central New Yorkers, according to a spokesperson for Speak Out CNY.

“We staged a protest across the street from the venue,” Oswego County Legislator Tom Drumm, a member of the Minority Caucus, told Oswego County Today. “We had great representation from the local Democratic Party as well as activists groups, including We the People Oswego’s Indivisible, Knit the 24 and the SUNY Oswego Young Democrats. We had roughly 25 people there.”

A woman holds a sign warning against the impact of the Trump Tax Plan
A woman holds a sign warning against the impact of the Trump Tax Plan

“No matter what lies Congressman Katko tries to sell us, Central New Yorkers know the truth: the Republican tax scam is nothing more than a reward for wealthy campaign donors and corporations, and a massive burden for hardworking American families,” said Jordan Harcleroad of the SUNY Oswego Young Democrats. “We already know that the benefits of this tax break are going straight to the coffers of executives and shareholders, at three times the rate they’re going to workers. Central New York deserves an honest representative that works for us, not the richest fraction of the country.”

Katko has repeatedly made demonstrably false claims that the Republican tax scam is raising worker wages, but the real impact of Katko’s vote on the bill is a very different picture: the top 1 percent of American households will see three times the tax break that will go to the bottom 60 percent, Harcleroad said.

In addition to adding $1.5 trillion in federal costs over the next decade – at a time when the country will desperately need new revenue to cover the cost of baby boomers entering retirement and growing healthcare costs – the Trump Tax offers the richest 1 percent an average tax break of $61,100, compared to just $400 for the bottom 60 percent of households, he added.

In Katko’s district, the average tax cut for the top 1 percent is $29,890, more than half the median annual income for the district overall.

Speak Out CNY is dedicated to educating and empowering Central New Yorkers through grassroots organizing, digital advocacy, and community partnerships.

By advocating for policies that help working families make ends meet, they aim to encourage members of Congress to protect health care and work to expand economic opportunity.


  1. OH yes yes yes President Trump’s Tax plan is so devastating my Aunt FANNY. I’m fed up with the liberal leftist progressives & their Agenda’s that have run NYS & America into the ground. The leftist Propaganda isn’t working anymore……..My finances have turned UPWARDS since President Trump has been in office & President Trump’s Tax plan has benefited me even more! Congressman John Katko will be getting my VOTE come election time!

  2. Also let’s not forget Katko’s attachment to the NRA…this republican won’t be voting for him…

  3. The protesters have a point. Look how well NYS has been managed. The economy is booming. Just look at Fulton booming like never before. You can’t find enough bodies to fill the available jobs or even count all of the tax revenue. No one needs any form government assistance.
    We’ve tried the socialist dream of unions and taxes sending our jobs to more business friendly environs. It’s now time to rebuild American industry and you may as well start in CNY.

  4. Its very simple….Look at your Paystub!
    Is the take home raise you were promised by the president a life changer like Speaker Ryan promised?

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