Growing Season Comes To A Halt Locally

OSWEGO, NY – According to the thermometer, the growing season came to an end on Oct. 28.

“We dropped to 30 degrees on Friday. That marks the official end to our growing season,” said Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service. “It was our first real frost here at the weather station.”

The growing season runs from the last 32 degrees (or below) reading to the first, Gregway noted.

The last freezing temperature came on April 22, which is the average date, Gregway said.

A normal growing season here is 182 days; the average end date is Oct. 22.

This year, it lasted an additional 6 days.

“The previous year, our growing season kept going for 219 days,” Gregway said.

In 1998, the growing season lasted for 215 days. And, in 2007, it ran for 200 days.

“Despite the frost, most things are still growing,” Gregway said. “Especially things that had some protection. But we are looking at some more cold temperatures headed our way.