Guided Wetland Plant walk with Dr. Donald Leopold at the Great Swamp Conservancy

The Great Swamp Conservancy is pleased to announce that Dr. Donald Leopold will be lecturing and leading a guided wetland plant walk on June 23 at 2 p.m.

The public is invited to this outdoor classroom lead by distinguished teaching Professor & Chair Department of Environmental and Forest Biology at State University of Environmental Forestry. Dr. Leopold is an expert of Dendrology, especially wetland ecosystems.

The GSC has many restored wetland sites, through the USDA, Wetland Reserve Program.

The guided walk with Dr. Leopold will identify what species have naturally returned to these restored sites.

The walk on the boardwalk will identify maturing trees and flooded wetland life such as sedges and ferns; one of Dr. Leopold’s specialties.

A GSC intern under the guidance of Dr. Leopold is currrently doing a research project on fen plants planted in marl (the subsoil under muck). This project is being done in the Canastota muckland area.

Come, see and hear the world renowned Botonist and educator at the GSC, located: 8375 N. Main St. Rd. of Canastota.

Be prepared for damp conditons and insects.

Questions: call Tiffany White at 315-697-2950 office or [email protected]