Gulliver Seeks Re-election for Palermo Town Clerk

Jean Gulliver.
Jean Gulliver.

Jean M. Gulliver, the current Town Clerk/Tax Collector for the Town of Palermo is seeking re-election to the position. Holding the position for 16 years, Gulliver hopes to continue servicing her community with the respect, accessibility and accountability as in the past.

Gulliver has attended schooling over the years in the various aspects relating to the Town Clerk’s Office. She is certified in records management, vital records, sportsman licenses, and is a Notary Public amongst other things.

Gulliver has been a member of the Oswego County Town Clerk’s Association since 1994 and is serving her second term as Vice-President.

Gulliver has enjoyed being the town clerk and finds the job interesting and takes it very seriously. She enjoys helping the people in her community.

Recently the Clerk’s hours were temporarily decreased due to Gulliver having Breast Cancer. The Deputy Town Clerk has been holding hours Monday – Thursday from 5pm-7pm. These office hours’ changes were due to the budgeted wages for the deputy as set by the Town Board for 2011. Gulliver is finishing up her chemotherapy in November says they should return to full hours sometime in December.

Gulliver has the endorsement of the Republican, Democrat and Independent Loyalty Party. The Republican and Loyalty Parties are combining as one on the ballot.