H1N1 Flu Shot Appointments By Phone Begin Today

The Oswego County Health Department will accept appointments for H1N1 flu vaccine from people who are in priority groups for receiving the vaccine.

The first shipment of vaccine is in the nasal spray (Live Attenuated Inter-nasal Vaccine) form, and is not suitable for pregnant women, people with a chronic underlying medical condition, children younger than age two, and people over age 49. Those individuals will need to wait for the injectable vaccine, which is scheduled to arrive later this month. It will be arriving on a regular basis and health officials do not anticipate a shortage of vaccine.

Callers will be screened and will receive information on the time and place of the flu vaccine clinic when they make their appointment.

To make an appointment for an H1N1 flu vaccine, residents should call 349-8700 from 4 to 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 12. Calls will be accepted until 7 p.m., or until all appointments are filled, whichever comes first. Flu clinics will continue to be announced as Oswego County receives additional shipments of vaccine.

“Oswego County is following the state and federal guidelines regarding priority groups for our H1N1 vaccination clinics,” said Dr. Dennis Norfleet, Oswego County Public Health Director. “We expect to receive shipments of the injectable flu vaccine later this month. Additional clinics will be scheduled as the county receives more vaccine from the manufacturer. Everyone who needs an H1N1 flu vaccine eventually will be able to receive it.”

Children and adults who meet one of the following criteria are eligible to receive the nasal spray vaccine:

Household contacts, family members and caregivers for children less than 6 months of age. This group includes family members and caregivers between the ages of 2 and 49 years old who are healthy and have no chronic underlying medical condition.

Health care workers and EMS providers between the ages of 18 and 49 who are healthy and have no chronic underlying medical condition.

Children and young adults ages 2 to 24 who are healthy with no chronic underlying medical condition.

Callers should be prepared to provide their name, address, phone number, and date of birth. All information will be treated as confidential.

“Once the injectable form of the H1N1 vaccine is available, we will target pregnant women and the other high-priority groups,” said Dr. Norfleet.

There is no charge for the H1N1 vaccine. It will be provided at no cost to the individual.

For additional information, visit the Oswego County Web site at
www.oswegocounty.com or the CDC Web site at