Half-Shire Historical Society – March 15, 2013

Spring seems to be in the air in Half-Shire country.

We had a quiet work weekend at the society on March 9 and 10 and it was very nice to work in the bright sunshine as it filtered into the front old classroom upstairs.

the Betel School in Port Ontario taken in 1908
Photo of the Betel School in Port Ontario taken in 1908

Chuck Balcom is coming along very well on the stripping of paint from the old cabinets in the library, and on Sunday the 10th showed Elaine Regnar and Michelle Washburn his work.   Elaine is assisting her former son-in-law Chuck in restoration costs of this room which will be dedicated in memory of Allison Regnar Balcom. The walls are all freshly insulated and sheet-rocked with new electrical. As soon as the cabinets are complete the walls will be painted.  The floor is still an obstacle to completion as we have not decided on the value of saving the old hardwood which has some bad spots.

The southwest classroom was thoroughly cleaned this weekend and more organization of the shelving and files in this room was undertaken.

The main hall downstairs is in a bit of disorder with several projects laid out on the tables.

All will be cleaned up by March 30 when we host our first lunch meeting of the season which is always open the public!

The annual calendar has had disappointing sales again this year. We reduced the price to $5 and feel the photos and research inside alone are worth the price. $6 by mail.

We are grateful to the assistance we received on facebook with completion of the calendar this year.

We posted some photos ahead of time in December to elicit more information and in two cases, names of people.

Facebook has been a great asset to the society, we can be found under the name “Half Shire” without the dash.

We are grateful to all who have renewed their memberships this year so far.

Ray and Irene Pappa and Richard Koch each joined for life memberships.

Our special thanks go out to these friends!

Steve Woolson and Chuck Tanguma of Pulaski stopped by on the 9th for a tour and to procure some map copies.

Both are interested in the early history of Orwell Township where their ancestors lived.

We have some great maps available now thanks to scanning and printing at Syracuse blueprint.

Stop by and see our copies of the early Sandy Creek, Richland, Camden, Florence  and Oneida County maps, copies of which can be ordered for a reasonable cost.

Thanks to Dee Dee Barclay for the loan of some tremendous photos of Selkirk and Port Ontario from her own collection.

The accompnaying photo of the Betel School in Port Ontario taken in 1908 was especially valuable to us.

Half-Shire can be reached at 298-2986 or on the web at www.halfshire.com