Half-Shire Historical Society News

The society’s monthly lunch meeting was well attended with more than 44 guests on April 26.

Erma Schroeder served up a terrific chicken casserole with a salad provided by Roberta Cleveland. While we dined in the main hall Roberta’s son, Mark Cleveland, was in the next rooms north pouring fresh concrete in the old boiler room and a portion of the Southwell memorial room. Mark Also formed out new entry pads to the back and side doors and some drip pads below roof drains.

Jeff Watson worked on our new 35’ feet of property under acquisition from our neighbor to the north.

Dead trees and brush were cleared from this stretch of land that evens out our back lot and brings our fuel tank back to our property. A survey a few weeks previous had confirmed suspicions that our shed and fuel tank were not on our property. Thanks to Local attorney Ted Perry for volunteering to do the work for us as a donation, and to Merrit “Jim” Byrd of Boylston for the time taken doing our surveys.

Vic Waggoner of Orwell also spent time volunteering to remove some old duct work on the 27th.

On April 27, we had another work day, getting most of the lawn raked and most of the newsletters ready for mailing. About a hundred newsletters have been handed out in person with the bulk of our 1,500 mailing list set to go out by the time this column reaches print.

We sent out tickets on the stained glass clock again and will draw these on May 31 during our concert with “Still Kickin.”

Also on April 27, we had a few visitors researching the Andrus and Marsden families of Mexico area.

Lewis Andrus served in the Civil War and is buried in Mexico. Another guest spent time with the Hilton records, adding current info to the computer database. Correspondence continues at a brisk pace on other families. We are looking forward to completion of the new Southwell room to better organize our research collection that is currently in need of more space.

The C.C.C. album that we purchased on eBay with donations obtained from Facebook arrived on April 26. We were able to share this with our members present at the meeting, a couple of whom think they may have recognized faces.

Sharon Turo has taken the album home to scan the images and we will make 5×7 prints to better view them.

Special thanks to all who donated to this project!

Also, member Linda Remillard donated scanned images of a set of Selkirk C.C.C. photos from her father’s time there which will be compared with this album; both sets to be used in an Oswego County Fair exhibit in July.

Work continues on identifying Amboy area Masonic photos copied last year.

The photos were taken in the 1860s and ’70s and have names on them. We scanned them and have been researching the people one by one.

Roberta Cleveland did a full biography of one uncle she found that appears in the current newsletter.

A notebook has been assembled for biographies of Parish town World War II servicemen.

Venita Ackley is heading up this project which many others have pitched in to assist with.

Don Merritt has taken copies of the pages to search out for some family members of some men he knew. We have talked to some other family members and are encouraged with the feedback.

Bill Larrabee of Pulaski penned a nice full biography of his dad that appears in the current newsletter and serves as a model to follow with others.

The Richland Civil War project continues. Last week we were able to add information on a another couple men to the database.

The notebook is available for review and edit at the society.

Notebooks will soon be assembled for other towns in our region.

The Miller family from Osceola came in on the 26th and brought a nice biography of one of their ancestors to add to the Osceola collection. Nelson Limebeck served in the 57th NY and lived and died in Osceola.

We have started a file on the Riley family that came down from Florence. Any information on this family would be appreciated to go into the records.

Half-Shire is open Thursday-Saturday from noon – 4 p.m. or by appointment. Contact Shawn Doyle at 298-3620 or 532-5919. Some days we may be closed due to work progressing inside.

Our next meeting will be May 31, followed by A chamber of commerce reception from 5-7 p.m. capped off by “Still Kicken” country band from 7-11 p.m.

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