Half-Shire Historical Society News – April 24, 2015

As reported in the last column, we received delivery of our new oversized bed scanner and began working on projects.

The scanner cost was advanced by a friend of the society while we await word on a grant we have applied for to cover the cost.

Kevin Stewart spent the week of April 13 working from the John Ben Snow Room at the Snow Memorial Building in Pulaski, scanning the 600-page Pulaski cemetery ledger book.

By the time this column appears on the 24th, the book will be finished.

Kevin has done an amazing job scanning the huge book and formatting the pages for best viewing.

The data will be transferred to a thumb drive and loaded on computers at the Pulaski Village Office, The library, Pulaski and Half-Shire Historical Society and the town historian’s office.

This project will greatly aid in the Pulaski cemetery book being compiled by Julie Litts Robst with Half-Shire, which is due out by 2016.

An earlier transcription of the book has assisted us all over the years but there are mistakes to be found due to the transfer of lots from one family to another and some burials made with only first names listed.

Special thanks to Jonathon and Elizabeth Snow of the John Ben Snow Foundation for allowing us to use the Snow Office in order to keep the book within the village complex.

With the cemetery book done the scanner will move to the second floor of Half-Shire where it will be set up to work next on the Camden Church ledgers on loan from Historian Tim Nichols.

We had begun to copy these 200 year and later books in a joint project on our copier.

In talking with Tim and others involved we decided it would be best to scan these records for posterity and ease of research.

When these are completed the Camden Historian and Half-Shire will each have a set of digital images and hard copies for better access to researchers.

Celia Potter of Redfield, our volunteer who scans photos, is working on a large collection of old negatives given to us by Glenna Gorski, some from the late Roberta Cleveland.
We are anxious to see the fruit of Celia’s work, which is always very detailed!

Volunteer Mark Wallace was in town on April 17 to offer advice and help on a couple of projects upstairs.

Mark is another Entergy employee like Celia Potter and assists us with grant monies for his service.

Mark was instrumental in the work to restore the SW classroom a few years back, installing the new ash flooring.

With better weather we have had several researchers call ahead with their plans to visit this summer.

Longtime member Linda Babcock of Colorado texted the other day to tell us she would be up for the Lester/Minot reunion and plans to work at Half-Shire several days on her genealogy.

Another researcher in Endicott expects to visit us.

When we have such advance notice we are better able to prepare files for our guests.

The new Jon Southwell memorial research room will place our general research out in a more organized manner and enable faster access to files.

This past winter we have marked the sad passing of many of our close friends and fellow researchers.

On April 25, Julia Hutchens Howard and Roberta Edick Cleveland will be laid to rest.

Roberta had been a member for more than 20 years and was a key donor of research material.

Roberta and husband, Tom, facilitated and assisted with the very important concrete work last year that began the Southwell room project.

Our meeting on Saturday the 25th, will move back to 11 a.m. to allow those interested in going to Vermillion for Roberta’s burial.

On May 9 we will partner with Parish Town Historical in putting on a luncheon for the family and friends of the late Don Merrritt.

Don was a regular attendee of our meetings and will be missed.

We await work on the burial plans for Stanley Nemier of Boylston and Endicott, NY.

Stanley passed away a few weeks ago and had been working closely with us on his genealogy, donating many valuable research books.

Half-Shire can be reached at [email protected] or on our website www.halfshire.org

The website is still under construction; however the section of historic maps is very detailed and informative thanks to the work of Roger Pape.

As we continue to upgrade we will be rotating other digital collections and an inventory of research materials.

This spring we are open normally Monday through Saturday, normally from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with some exceptions.

Call ahead to ensure we are there, 315-298-2986.