Half-Shire Historical Society News – August 9, 2013

Warm days and cool nights are sure a blessing after the heat wave of early July.

After the extreme heat and humidity one of our trustees, Phil Rombach, took the lead in having central air installed in the main hall.

The cost has been donated by Phil in honor of his late wife, Rita Rombach.

Even with the decline in heat outside of late, the new system is truly an asset in its ability to dehumidify the environment and help maintain the level of archival conditions.

We are truly grateful to Phil for this donation.

Meanwhile, in our main hall, Pam Kellogg and Erma Schroeder continue to plug away at the obituary collections.

George Widrig’s nearly 18,000 clipping collection is nearly fully indexed and copies, in sheet protectors and notebooks.

Special shelving has been built to accommodate the scores of volumes this took.

Other obituary collections are being re-shelved here also so as to make research easier.

Pam Kellogg has also begun organizing the Camden Town collection of materials, many of which she donated.

These will be moved to the town shelves as we prepare to fully include Camden as one of our towns we research.

Sharon Turo has been working from home this summer and has had a full plate of digitalization work, as well as her biographical cards for the card catalog.

Sharon has scanned countless photos since the fair, images of which are moved to the central computer system and uploaded “to the cloud.”

Erma, Pam, Sharon and many others including Will Gonzalez, Pat and Milferd Potter and Shawn Doyle all pitched in to get the newsletter printed, copied and prepared for mailing on August 5.

1,500 copies were mailed out to members, organizations, interested parties and community leaders.

Pat Potter noted the improved air quality with the central air and worked two days at our site.

As soon as the obituary “clutter” from the big copy project is out of the way, we will begin copying the Frances Nichols farm records and some additional information from others loaned to us at the County Fair.

We are particularly grateful to Jim and Barb Joslyn, Larry Porter and Everett Miller for the loan of such a variety of genealogies and photos.

On August 17, the Redfield Schools Alumni group will hold its annual lunch and meeting at Half-Shire from noon – 3 p.m.

All persons who ever attended school in Redfield township are encouraged to come and spend some time with old friends and view our extensive collection of records and photos.

Contact Fay Colvin at 447-4270 or Shawn Doyle 298-3620 for more information or to reserve a spot for lunch.

Half-Shire can be reached at 298-2986 or [email protected]

We are open most everyday from about 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., but it is advised to call ahead to ensure we have a volunteer on hand to assist researchers.