Half-Shire Historical Society News – January 27, 2017

As this column is posted, the annual Salmon River Winter festival in Pulaski will be under way.

Half-Shire is again a major sponsor, and this year we are sponsoring the first movie on Friday night the 27th at the Kallet Theater.

The movie, “Eight Below,” will be shown for free and the public is welcome for this family oriented night at the movies.

Twenty-five cents popcorn and free hot cocoa will be offered.

The new 200-page Oswego County History continues to be a hot item, with an average of five being mailed out daily by us.

There are limited quantities available and the paperbacks can be mailed for $14 (includes tax and mailing) while the few hardcovers still left can be mailed out for $25.

We have had rave reviews for the book, and are concerned we may sell out before spring.

Send checks to Halfshire at our address below.

Work on the first newsletter of the year, with a wrapup on 2016 is in the editing stage.

The Christmas letter sent out in December has generated many book orders as well as dues renewals.

We are still hopeful that we may revive the Tug Hill Literary Review for dues paying members only, this quarterly first appeared in 2004 and had a two-year run before it was stopped before the death of George Widrig, the co-editor.

The crazy freeze and thaw weather has caused us some concern as we have had some problems with our roof drains.

No damage has occurred yet, but with the changes we must be vigilant on snow removal.

Carolyn Yerdon, our Redfield weather watcher, reports more than 150 inches of snow this year, and she excitedly points out we could beat a record if the snows continue to fall at this rate.

We are in the process of transcribing some 180-year-old snow records from Redfield compiled by the former town clerk McKinney from 1829-65.

We will search them to see if our friend Carol’s snow records stand!

Work on scanning and digitizing continues during the winter months.

We have returned to scanning of our Pulaski Democrat negatives from the 1960s-80s and also some early slides.

Small collections of unidentified plate negatives have also been scanned.

Many of these digitized images are being put up on our popular Facebook page.

We are indebted to the public for its feedback in identifying these images.

We continue to work at transcription of the 1916-70 Oswego County Poorhouse recordbook to better determine who is buried in the cemetery there.

This painstaking work is being done in cooperation with the Oswego County Clerk in his office in Oswego.

This spring an effort led by Half-Shire and spearheaded by Bill Davies of Pulaski, will seek to identify the unmarked grave locations by ground scan.

More information on this will be forthcoming as the year progresses.

Half-Shire can be reached at PO 73, Richland, NY, 13144 or on the web at halfshire.org or Facebook “ Half Shire”

Our email is [email protected]

Our building is only open by appointment until March as we conduct some interior work and cleaning.