Half-Shire Historical Society News – June 6, 2014

On May 31, the society was hopping from 9 a.m. until almost midnight. For many days previous Erma Schroeder and Shawn Doyle were busy readying the site for the monthly luncheon as well as the spring concert and Pulaski Chamber of Commerce cocktail reception.

The day began with a luncheon attended by 49 members and friends at noon. Following the meeting Oswego County Legislator Roy Reehill of Constantia gave an informative talk and presentation of Adirondack lore centered around “French Louis” a woodsman of note in the region.

At the meeting it was voted on to purchase a new copier, generous donations from three members made this possible: Traver and Barbara Knight of Oswego and Phyllis McNitt of Boylston.

We are grateful for such incredible support!

We drew for our stained glass clock and a gentleman from Adams won by the name of White.

We are still trying to contact him to deliver the clock.

Thanks to Pam Kellogg for crafting the clock and to all who purchased the tickets.

In the afternoon we prepared for dinner and cocktail hour for the Chamber of Commerce with several staying on to do research.

From 5-7 p.m. we had a couple dozen people attend the chamber event, with more arriving at 7 p.m. for the band “Still Kickin” who played until 11 p.m.

Needless to say there was no food to really worry about after the night which saw nearly 100 people in and out.

The dance was a huge success!

We had a full dance floor most of the night with a lot of laughs and many old friends reuniting.

One of our senior most members, Doris Brown Allen of Oswego came with her daughter, Phyllis, about 8 p.m. and stayed until nearly the last song.

Doris is an inspiration in her approach to life; despite her need for oxygen and a walker, she insisted on dancing with “the girls” to the music as her daughter held on to her oxygen tank!

Thanks to members “Chuck” and Carson Balcom, Sue Saucier, Gordon Lewis, Kim Southwell, Julie Sanderson and many others who assisted us with the dance cleanup and management.

Still Kickin’ will return to Half-Shire on November 15, and meanwhile will also play at the fair entertainment building July 3 from 7-11 p.m.

We have made room for an additional piano donated by Nancy Walter of Altmar.

The 72-key spinet style is an amazing antique that was part of the same family home in Chittenango for 174 years.

The piano has been given a place of honor in the southwest classroom upstairs where we hope to have a recital later in the summer.

Half-Shire has taken over the planning for the Pulaski class of 1964 booklet and reunion weekend.

A full list of missing members of this particularly large class is on our Facebook page.

Members Joanne Hubbard Cossa, Bev Carey Filkins and Erma Potter Schroeder are heading up this effort with Shawn Doyle assiting.

1949 confirmation at St. Mary’s Church in Florence
1949 confirmation at St. Mary’s Church in Florence

The accompanying photo was scanned and placed on Facebook last month.

It was taken at a 1949 confirmation at St. Mary’s Church in Florence.

Marie Lambie and Shawn Doyle have been trying to track down names and with the assistance of many in the photo and in Florence we have all but one.

The front row, number 2 girl still eludes identification.

Anyone who knows who this pretty young girl is, please contact us at 298-2986 or on email or Facebook.

Back-1-Rev. Lawrence Kelleher (Bishop Walter Foery did this confirmation at St. Mary’s Oct. 9, 1949)

2-Ruth Emogene (Flansburg Childs) Dahl Yerdon (1900-77)

3-Blanche Foster Trudell (1914-2002)

4- Gladys Streeter Bristol (Feb 17, 1901-March 24, 1995, lived in Redfield)

5- Leon Charles Trudell (1910-1990)

6-Nate Bristol (Nov 16, 1896-May 17, 1961, lived in Redfield)

7-Kenneth Lee Trudell (b.5/22/1933)

8-Clara Wafer Dillon

Middle-1-Robert Blair

2-Nancy Meagher Comins

3-Marion Mulvaney Baker

4-Gladys Mulvaney Baker

5-Patricia Brazil Kirch (1936)

6-Mary Blair Moore (1931-

7-Marjorie Elizabeth Trudell Eychner (b. 6/11/1935)

8-WIlliam Graves

Front 1-Beverly Falvey McEachern (Nov 3, 1937-Aug. 8, 2004, Lived in Redfield)


3-Arlene Brazil Youngs (1938-1991)

4-Ann Caughlin Oaks

5-Ann Callan Outtrim

6-Virginia Brennan Pelsue (b. May 23, 1938, lived in Boylston)

7-Lucille Dooley Wilson

8-Hilda Jeanne Trudell Trnchik (b. 1937)

9-Suzanne Platt Meagher (b. c. 1938)

10-Laura Balcom Ruffos (b. 1938, lived in Redfield)

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