Half-Shire Historical Society News – November 21, 2014

The society hosted an after-hours gathering for the Pulaski-Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce on November 15.

The event took place following a meeting of the Salmon River Fishing Museum Board and an informal meeting of the chamber of commerce nominating committee.

A buffet was served by the Half-Shire staff featuring London broil, Baked Ziti, herbed potatoes and salad.

The chamber event was soon joined at 6 p.m. by a larger number of community members who came to hear the popular band “Still Kickin” and to mark the society’s 42nd anniversary.

More than 90 people enjoyed the great music and dancing until 11 p.m.

We were delighted to see one of our eldest members of the society, Doris Brown Allen of Oswego.  Doris is 93 years young and a great fan of the band.

During the chamber event and intermission, we played a video from a 2001 musical event where our late friend Ron Bumpus stole the show with his dance moves. This video elicited some feelings of “joyful sadness” among those of us who were good friends of Ron.

50/50 raffle was won by Jamie Martin who graciously donated the proceeds back to the society.

Our sincere thanks to Martin, who grew up in the neighborhood and was fascinated by the tour of the building and learning what we do.

On November 16, Erma Schroeder and Shawn Doyle had to turn around and reset the hall for a memorial luncheon given in memory of Thomas Knoeller, 54-year-old son of Margaret Kastler who died in Florida on October 22.

A number of county legislators joined the Knoeller/Kastler/Hollis family in a hearty meal and good cheer.

Margaret’s daughter, Karen Lippe, was here from Florida, as were Tom’s two daughters from Virginia.

The group stayed at the historic Sanctuary Inn nearby and were able to meet up with many far-flung relations.

We have begun our assessment of our headquarters building with Randy Crawford of Crawford & Stearns of Syracuse in charge.

Mr. Crawford has begun his work by assisting in planning for winterization and waterproofing of sections of the foundation that were a moisture problem recently.

We expect to have a full day of work and mapping in the next few weeks.

Once the assessment is done we will have a report that among other things will serve as a guide to the impending roof project.

In research news, Richard Cooper has been bringing in many clippings of interest on our newest township, Camden.

Cooper also has found many items of interest many Tug Hill pioneer families.

Sharon Turo has been busy scanning photos from home and continues to work with Linda Remmilard on edits to the Pulaski Masson’s biography project.

Erma Schroeder and Barb Monette are doing a fine job refining and adding to the obituary files.

Newest trustee Becky Kennedy has been bringing in older church records from Camden that we have been allowed to copy.

On November 22, the society will meet for our last luncheon of the year at noon.

On December 7, members are invited to the Pulaski Masonic Temple on Broad Street where we will be co-hosting an open house to showcase some of our research on the early Masons and to celebrate “Light up Pulaski” day we will be collaborating with the Pulaski Masons, Eastern Star and Rural and Migrant Ministry in the first children’s cut-out cookie decorating event.

The event is being designed to allow children to frost and decorate their own baked cut-out sugar cookies and to prepare some for our friends at Unity Acres in Orwell.

We have lined up two esteemed bakers to coordinate the affair, more information next week and on our facebook page!

In other news: Half-shire’s website is still under construction and will be formally unveiled we hope by year’s end.

Thanks to Steve Young Jr. and Kevin Stewart for their hard work.

Kevin has also been doing extensive work on updating our cemetery records and linking online resources to our files through find a grave.

Erma and Shawn are in early consultation with members of the Pulaski classes of 1985, 1965 and 1955 about reunion plans and events at our facility next summer.

Half-Shire can be contacted at PO 73, Richland, NY 13144 or [email protected]

On Facebook friend request us at “Half Shire.”