Half-Shire Historical Society News – November 7, 2015

After months of delay and struggle the Half-Shire newsletter is done and will go out this week.

Thanks to Sharon Turo, Linda Robillard, Kevin Stewart, Erma Schroeder and Stephanie Pierce for assistance with this.

Our lead story will focus on research on the Hollis families of the region.

In another article, special attention is given to explain the new scanner capabilities and invite people to donate negatives and photos.

Way too many memorials are inside noting the passing of many dear friends and members.

An enclosure detailing the exciting new round of publications that our volunteer Julie Litts Robst offers on town of Richland history offers for sale, and a set of raffle tickets for 2 afghans and a comforter set round out the package.

Dues for 2016 are also being collected.

News has swept the region about the expected closing of the FitzPatrick nuclear plant in nearby Scriba.

Half-Shire President Doyle, and more than a dozen members are affected by this.

Entergy Corporation, the plant owner has been particularly generous over the years to Half-Shire.

We receive $750 from each active, documented volunteer through a program called Community Connectors.

President Doyle, Celia Potter, Margaret Sullivan, Rick Telian and several others have brought our organization several thousand dollars over the years by working through this program.

As we write, the impact on this is still being digested and thought through by all.

Recent research efforts have focused on the Ashman and Peck families of Richland.

On October 31, Kevin Stewart and Shawn Doyle worked long distance with Julie Litts Robst in Florida to try to sort out these two families and update an old Ashman tree that George Wise had left us.

The Pecks descend from Reuben and Betsey (Weed) Peck who lived (naturally) on Peck Road in Pulaski.

Both were of sturdy New England stock, Betsey was a child of Revolutionary War and 1812 Veteran Lt. John Weed who is buried in Pulaski cemetery.

In other projects: Sharon Turo and Linda Robillard continue to work on the Pulaski Masons biography project.

Beginning in 2009 two Pulaski Snow Scholars researched the biographies of 100 men whose images have hung in two large frames at the Pulaski Masonic Temple.

The ladies took the work the students did and have expanded on the biographies by researching their backgrounds and spouses.

We aim for a 2016 publication as a joint project with the Masons.

Kevin Stewart has begun a database of all Pulaski School graduates.

The ultimate aim is to have biographies of these men and women, for the initial phase we will search out their vital records.

Sharon Turo has been working on a similar project for Sandy Creek Alumni over the past few years.

These biographies have proven very useful when we are researching family histories.

A large collection of research from the estate of Roberta Edick Cleveland is being sorted and cataloged by Stephanie Pierce.

Roberta was a meticulous researcher and took care to ensure Williamstown and Half-Shire groups benefited by her work.

Half-Shire can be reached at [email protected] or on Facebook at Half Shire (the Facebook page currently lists Shawn Patrick Doyle on the cover, a request by Facebook to update info resulted in this unfortunate error that cannot be corrected for 60 days.)

Site phone is 298-2986, or Doyle at 532.5919.

We will be limiting our hours with the changes in the season, and the best bet for research is to contact us ahead of time.