Half-Shire Historical Society News – September 21, 2012

The annual meeting of the society was sparsely attended with only 21 present.

President Doyle was unable to attend as he was forced into work and Vice President Monette was out of town.

So, Trustee Margaret Kastler ran the meeting.

Phil Rombach of Boylston has joined the board as Trustee at Large while long-time Trustee and former Secretary Charlene Cole was unanimously voted in as Trustee Emeritus recognizing her years of work.

On Sunday the 16th a crew from the Oswego County Corrections weekend program cleaned the building and moved many boxes onto new shelving on the second floor.

The crew will be back for the next three weeks to help with some enhancements to the main hall and prep the lawns for winter.

Sharon Turo, our librarian, has been very busy many additional hours compiling an index to all of our scanned photos.

Thousands of photos have not been labeled except for the date they were scanned and must be crossed referenced with collections.

Sharon is an extremely organized person, and nobody could do the job as well!

Richard Cooper, our volunteer who culls the historic newspapers for clues to the past has taken on some addition duties in searching out lost persons on the Morton, Page, Salisbury and Ingersoll family trees.

These early Richland families are important to our research of that town.

Cooper has unearthed many interesting news accounts that we run regularly in our newsletter.

Trustee Erma Schroeder has been busy keeping up with all the catering activities that we have hosted this year.

The Lions Club reception for their 50th anniversary was held on Monday September 17 and was well-attended.

Erma will asssit with the Outlook Club meeting on Monday September 23 and the Schoeller use of the building the following two days.

Our next event will be a reception on Thursday October 11, where Senator Patti Ritchie’s Medal of Honor display panels will be unveiled for the Half-Shire region to see.

Research continues at a brisk pace with many people in and out of the doors this season.

Besides the above volunteers, Nancy Smith has assisted two days a week.

We are always looking for more volunteers that might work additional days such as Monday and Tuesday.

Contact Shawn Doyle or Erma Schroeder if you have an interest.

We always offer our visitors complimentary coffee or tea, and there is sometimes something fresh from the oven!

On September 16, we were surprised to find our normally staid facebook page has some explicit photos on there.

“Gwen” was not a new volunteer but an individual who befriended many people in the area and then posted some tasteless photos on all our pages.

We apologize for this bump in the road with our otherwise popular site.

Half-Shire can be reached at [email protected]

Check out our website at www.halfshire.com

Our phone in Richland is 298-2986 and we are open Thursdays through Sundays each week 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

President Doyle can be reached at 298-3620.