Half-Shire Historical Society News – Week of June 10, 2013

The society has been very busy this spring with public hours most every day between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Various volunteers are staffing the building and helping researchers during these times.

Our former librarian Pam Kellogg is up most days through July while she visits New York and has been working with Erma Schroeder on the indexing of obituaries.

On June 8 and 9 a good deal of grounds work was accomplished outside.

We are fortunate to have been given donated flowers from both Margaret Kastler and Trust Nursery in Pulaski.

Our new mulch is spread out and completes the presentation of a neat front lawn.

Thanks to Pam Kellogg for help with mowing also.

The Pulaski Alumni Association executive committee met at our facility on June 6, to complete plans for the annual alumni banquet.

Among the plans are a new bus tour of sights across Pulaski area that will begin at the elementary school at 11 a.m.

Port Ontario, Selkirk, Salmon River Falls, downtown Pulaski, Half-Shire and Pulaski Historical Society on Maple Ave. will be featured parts of the tour.

Stops will be made at the falls, Half-Shire and Pulaski Historical.

We will have a light lunch awaiting those on the tour.

As of this writing several members of the classes of 1963 and 1953 are planning to participate.

The tour is open to all and free.

Shawn Doyle and Margaret Weigel are expected to guide the tour.

Contact Shawn at [email protected] or 298-3620 to reserve a seat.

Two new publications originally begun by the late George Widrig will soon be offered for sale.

The booklets are histories of the two churches that once thrived in Richland hamlet.

The History of the Methodist Episcopal Church (now closed) and the Church of Christ (very much active) will be offered first at the Oswego County Fair.

Sharon Turo has taken time in editing and adding to the manuscripts that George had been working on at the time of his death.

Our historic maps have that we have written about have been selling quite well.

Reproductions of the 1854 Oneida County, and various town maps in color have all been quite popular sales items among visitors.

The maps are variously priced and can be delivered locally or picked up at the society.

We had two ladies from Norwich, NY, in recently researching the family of David Parish, the man whom the town and village of Parish was named in honor.

Parish was a land agent 200 years ago and some information was found in the county histories and on the internet.

We had a nice visit with these guests who are descendants of another line, and had been referred to us by the owner of the new coffee house and craft store in the former Parish Catholic Church.

Half-Shire can be found on the web at www.halfshire.org

Our site has wireless internet service and a phone at 298-2986.