Half-Shire Historical Society News – Week of June 26, 2014

The 157th Oswego County Fair will open July 2 and run through July 6 at Sandy Creek.

Half-Shire again has charge of the Heritage building this year, marking our 20th year there. We have a week full of events planned and look forward to seeing our members and friends from across the region.

On site scanning of photos and documents will be provided free of charge to guests again this year. We also offer tips on organization of archives and will help organize small collections, providing acid free protectors and notebooks in many cases.

All historians of Oswego County and the surrounding towns to the north and east are invited to offer items for sale on consignment and display panels or 10 x 10 “rooms.”

Already many of our usual towns have “booked a room” and are busy setting up things.

We will have a special collection of Civil War memorabilia on site that last three days courtesy of Jerry Orton of Syracuse. Jerry is an expert on the sons of Union veterans and the GAR organizations that thrived in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Half-Shire has been busy during the last days of June preparing for the fair, as well as the annual alumni banquet in Sandy Creek and Pulaski.  Half-Shire will play host to the class of 1964 from Pulaski on June 27 and again on the 29th.  All Pulaski school alumni involved in the bus tour on the 28th will also be stopping off for a light lunch.

Our new internet with Time Warner is working fairly well. We are now coordinating with that company for a security system throughout the building.

A smaller than normal crowd assembled for the meeting on June 21. A delicious meal was shared and a wonderful cake provided by Kathy Larrabee of Pulaski was shared marking our June birthdays.

The society was saddened to learn of the death of long-time member Tony Bontomaise of Pulaski who was 99. Tony and his late wife, Pearl, were regular lunch guests and contributors to our events.

Condolences also go out to the family of Thomas Woodruff, Tom’s late mother, Jan, was a member of ours.

Half-Shire will be working from the Heritage building at the fair from July 1-6.

The Heritage hall will be open from 9 a.m. until nearly 10 p.m. each day. Please stop by!

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