Hannibal and Oswego Take Top Prizes in Earth Week Clean-Up

OSWEGO COUNTY – The Oswego County Environmental Management Council is proud to announce the winners of its clean-up competition to celebrate Earth Week this year.
Wood-Mizer New York of Hannibal stepped up to show their community pride by donating their time and the use of one of their dump trucks in a town-wide clean-up project organized by Floyd Calkins. The project was one of many that took place to celebrate Earth Week and compete in the Oswego County Environmental Management Council’s clean-up contest. Pictured from left are Walter Tyler, Katie Beckwith, Jack Beckwith Jr., Floyd T. Calkins, Owen Calkins, and Austin Calkins.

A group from Hannibal lead by Floyd Calkins was the first-place winner and received a $50 award.

The second-place winner was Tracey Talmadge of Oswego who won a $25 award.
Thanks to the work of Calkins’ volunteers, garbage has been picked up along the roads in the town of Hannibal for several years.
Many of the materials they use are donated, including garbage bags and reflective vests.
This year, however, the group was very thankful to receive help from Wood-Mizer New York, a business located in the town of Hannibal, as well as from the town itself.
The company provided a dump truck for the group to use and the town of Hannibal also provided a truck.
People who participated in the event received orange hoodies in addition to roadside vests.
Ceth Deloff (left) and Emma Deloff joined Floyd Calkins and other volunteers in the town of Hannibal for a town-wide community clean-up project to celebrate Earth Week in April. Their team won first place in a clean-up contest sponsored by the Oswego County Environmental Management Council.

“The weather wasn’t as nice as last year, but we still had a great turnout of volunteers,” said Calkins. “The school’s boys’ and girls’ track teams and the girls’ softball teams all showed up to help pick up trash on the school grounds and around the village. We also had two groups of Wood-Mizer employees and five or six families who came out to clean up the roadside. When all was said and done, we had about three quarters of a dump truck load of trash. That’s more than we did last year with less help! My wife and I are looking forward to making this an annual community-wide event.”

Calkins also mentioned that the Deloff family picked up trash for three hours that day and were able to fill 10 industrial-sized bags of garbage on county Route 36.
Tracey Talmadge said, “I moved to Oswego a few years ago. I fell in love with the area because it reminded me of the Ithaca that I grew up in, but even more beautiful. One thing I noticed however, was the abundance of litter here, in a place where my heart and soul felt at home. I came across this call-to-arms to celebrate Earth Day and went full force into cleaning up my new community.
“We took to Turrill Street between the high school and Fastrac first. In the pouring rain we cleaned everything we could and got two very heavy bags filled with litter. Over the next two days, we went to East 10-1/2 Street to clean up. We compiled more trash and tried to clean up the massive amount of driftwood debris. We ended up with three or four bags (and a tire!) filled to the brim. It was an amazing feeling to take care of a place our souls call home.”
EMC Chairman Patrick Twiss added, “I am very glad that these individuals and groups were willing to do their part in keeping Oswego County clean and I hope that they will consider taking part in this competition again next year.”
The EMC strives for a clean Oswego County that future generations can enjoy in the same way that the current population does.
It welcomes feedback from people in the community about things that can be done to better the county’s environment.
For more information or to help with environmental improvements, contact Twiss at [email protected]