Hannibal Board of Education Member Resigns

Hannibal’s Board of Education is considering whether to fill a vacancy after the resignation of board member Linda Warrick.

Warrick, a retired teacher in the district, had her resignation accepted Wednesday evening.

One of her specialties on the board was alerting board members to online training and learning opportunities for them.

No reason was given for her resignation.

Board members discussed the three options available to them: Leave the position vacant until next April’s elections; hold a special election now to fill the position until April; or appoint someone to fill the position.

Board member Donna Ingersoll said she would rather fill the position by special election.  Other board members said that holding the election would cost the district money that it doesn’t have in its tight budget.

“I would like to see the position not be vacant” until the April elections, she said. “This is an opportune time for someone who would like to see if it’s something they would like to do.”

Board member Madeline Pittorf said that it was important that any person filling the position until April get the new board member training supplied to all new board of education members across the state.  However, that training is only available in the fall.

“The risk we run of leaving it vacant is tie breakers,” said board member Dale Young.  The board would be only 6 members if the position was left vacant.

He urged the district to prepare a list of recent former board members, to see if one of them might serve until April.

The board will try to come to a decision at a special meeting Monday evening.