Hannibal Board To Detail Second Budget Proposal Tonight

HANNIBAL, NY – Voters in the Hannibal Central School District have an opportunity to hear details about the proposed 2008-09 budget this evening.

The district will put the $25,122,068 plan to a vote next week. The district opted to host a second vote after voters rejected the initial budget proposal at the polls May 20.

The Hannibal Board of Education hosted a special meeting at the end of May to discuss its options and review the numbers in the spending plan. During that session, the board opted to make a change to a few details within the plan. The bottom line will stay the same for the second vote, however.

Hannibal Business Administrator Nancy Henner explained that the board of education decided to remove a $62,000 bus purchase that would have been funded through the regular budget lines to enhance the transportation line for diesel fuel purchases.

Henner said that the board decided additional cuts would be harmful to program and opted to send the spending plan along with no additional changes.

“I don’t know what to expect tonight,” Superintendent Michael DiFabio said this morning. “We have had a few people have come in to talk about the budget.”

The common theme of those talks, he said, is that residents don’t want a tax levy increase.

DiFabio noted, however, that the budget is already set at approximately $600,000 less than it would be at contingency level.

If the second vote is defeated, Henner said that the board will be mandated to adopt a contingency budget. She explained that the district could adopt at contingency level or below; meaning it could adopt the same numbers that are being put to a vote.

The second vote will be held June 17. The ballot will include only the budget proposal. DiFabio noted that because voters already approved the proposition to purchase three buses in the coming year, that item will not be voted on again.

Tonight’s budget hearing begins at 7 p.m. Information on the proposed budget can also be found on the district’s Web site.