Hannibal Earns Water Project Funding; 600 Could Get Municipal Water

The Town of Hannibal would be able to hook more than 600 parcels of land to its municipal water system because of a special grant and loan package provided by the state, as long as voters approve of the project, according to Town Supervisor Ron Greenleaf.

Greenleaf said the town was awarded a $2 million grant and $6.1 million 20-year, interest-free loan by the state Environmental Facilities Corporation, under its hardship program.  The funding will create the town’s Water District #3.

“This funding offer is a result of known water problems in the area and the project was only one of a handful of projects in New York State to receive hardship funding,” said Greenleaf in a news release announcing the funding.  He said the grant and loan will keep the project affordable for residents.

The town says the water district includes portions of Sixty Six, Blythe, Brown, Durbin, Gregory, Kellogg, Patrick, Peat Bed, Pollard, Scott and Wiltsieville Roads, as well as county routes 3, 7, 21 36 and 85 and state routes 3 and 34.

The residents of the proposed district will have to vote to approve the creation of the water district.  The town plans to hold an informational meeting in mid-July and will hold a vote sometime in the fall..