Hannibal High School Principal Resigns

HANNIBAL, NY – Hannibal Central School District is losing another administrator.

This week, the Hannibal Board of Education accepted the resignation of Danielle Mahoney, principal at Hannibal High School. According to Superintendent Michael DiFabio, Mahoney’s resignation is effective June 30.

“We are going to advertise for a new principal,” DiFabio said.

DiFabio said that Mahoney’s resignation came as a surprise to the district. He explained that she has accepted a position with the Cato school district.

“She hadn’t applied for a position,” DiFabio said. “The superintendent from Cato called her before Memorial Day.”

Hannibal lost another administrator — former Kenney Middle School principal Rob Wren — to Cato this past school year. Wren is now the principal at the Cato elementary school.

“I have administrators that are so great that people come and recruit them,” DiFabio said.

The district recently advertised for a new assistant principal at Kenney Middle School. The application window has closed and DiFabio said the committee conducting interviews was slated to meet with seven candidates. Those interviews were set to begin today, he said.

Patrick Keefe, assistant principal at Hannibal High School, was selected by the board of education to serve as principal at Kenney Middle School during the board’s May 14 meeting. Keefe’s appointment becomes effective June 1.

Also during this week’s board meeting, Joseph Musa was officially appointed assistant high school principal, effective July 1. The appointment comes with a salary of $65,205 and a three-year probationary period. Musa was also officially named technology director. That position comes with a $5,000 stipend and is effective July 1.

DiFabio noted that Musa has been at the high school since Mahoney went out on maternity leave in December 2007. She returned in mid-February.

“The board just made that official,” DiFabio said. “He’s moving from the elementary school to the high school.”

If able to fill the two positions before the start of the school year, the district’s administrative team will be back to full board.