Hannibal High School Welcomes Principal Stephen Dunn to District

Stephen Dunn became the new principal of Hannibal High School on July 16.

This is Dunn’s 19th year in education; before coming to Hannibal he worked as an assistant principal for the Auburn Enlarged City School District for seven years and prior to that he served the Lansing and Skaneateles central school districts as a social studies teacher.

Stephen Dunn
Stephen Dunn

“I’m very excited about being here. We have a great school with a genuinely outstanding staff and community that surrounds it,” Dunn said.

“On a daily basis we try to reinforce the importance of attaining a quality education and being a good person,” Dunn said. “Our hope is that by promoting these ideals constantly, students will begin to expect the best from each other and themselves.”

Dunn said he is a good listener and he will make every effort to ensure each student receives a quality education.

“When I interviewed, I came out of here thinking, ‘Boy I really want this job.’ I really enjoyed the staff and the community members, and I got to meet some students,” Dunn said. “I said to myself, ‘That job’s for me.’”

Dunn and his wife (a seventh-grade math teacher for Union Springs Central School District) live in Skaneateles with their two sons. One of his passions is coaching his son’s sports teams. He also enjoys the outdoors and fishing.