Hannibal Middle/High Schools In Line For Upgrades Under Capital Project

Submitted by Hannibal Central School District

HANNIBAL, NY – The cafeteria/kitchen area at Kenney Middle School and the auditorium at the Hannibal High School are in line for a major renovations as part of Hannibal Central School District’s proposed $26.9 million proposed capital project.

Officials explain that local funding required for the facilities improvement plan has been eliminated by coupling a 98 percent state reimbursement rate on capital projects with the district’s $1,298,070 Expanding our Children’s Education and Learning (EXCEL) aid allocation that came through in 2006-07.

Business administrator Nancy Henner explains that the one-time aid source has provided the district the opportunity to develop a capital project that will have no local cost.

“The only thing that the district needs from taxpayers for this project to move forward is a supporting vote,” Henner said. The project will be put to a public vote Nov. 4.

Henner explained that while the rules for EXCEL require 75 percent of the funding to fit inside five spending categories, the remaining 25 percent can be tapped for other expenses.

“Because so much of the building project is covered through the categorical spending, the district is able to use a majority of that 25 percent to fund several other needs,” Henner said.

The plans built into the project for Kenney Middle School and Hannibal High School address several key health and safety, energy and accessibility needs, according to Superintendent Michael DiFabio.

“The cafeteria project includes cosmetic work for from the ceiling to the floor, including new lighting and painting,” DiFabio said. “The stage in the cafeteria area will also be upgraded with new stage curtains and acoustics.”

DiFabio added that the entire kitchen will be renovated and expanded, as well.

“With this funding, we are able to provide new kitchen and serving equipment,” he said. “The area will also be reconfigured to accommodate adequate and safe serving lines for our students.”

The money will also allow the district to complete a major renovation of the fifth and sixth grade wing at the school, which was constructed in 1964.

“We are going to completely renovate existing classrooms in the 1964 wing, including doors, casework, flooring, ceiling work, lockers and finishes,” DiFabio said. “When the project is complete, all of the classrooms will be brought up to date with the rest of the building.”

At the high school, the auditorium will receive substantial upgrades to meet safety needs, accessibility for persons with disabilities and other items, he said.

“We are going to replace our seating at the auditorium and finally have accommodations that meet the guidelines under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA),” DiFabio said. “That effort will also include a lift to the right of the stage that is ADA compliant.”

The aging vinyl wall covering will be replaced, the walls will be repainted and wood wainscot will be added to the front apron, DiFabio explained. The school colors will be incorporated into the decoration scheme.

“We are going to replace theatrical lighting, house lighting and wall fixtures,” DiFabio noted. “We will also replace all stage curtains with code compliant curtains in our school colors and enhance the existing sound system with speakers on stage and wireless microphones. Once it is complete, we will also have the ability to tape performances.”

The complete list of items included in the project for Kenney Middle School and Hannibal High School, broken down by EXCEL category and building, includes:

Health and Safety
Kenney Middle School

  • 350 KW diesel powered emergency generator to provide full emergency power to the entire building and provide the community with a fully functioning emergency shelter adjacent to the town hall
  • A fire alarm system and magnetic door holders to all fire/smoke doors
  • Replace the public address system with a new system, speakers and wiring
  • Main entry security modifications with the installation of intercom/communication devices to enable communication and a window to principal’s office for increased supervision
  • Asbestos abatement in the 1964 wing, which has encapsulated asbestos floor tile
  • Interior smoke doors by replacing frames, doors, hardware and magnetic hold opens with heavy duty products due to high traffic use.
  • Provide exterior soffits on canopies to eliminate bird nesting and associated mess
  • Sidewalk improvements that include the construction of additional side walk panels that allow snow removal by plow
  • Service drive improvements by constructing an asphalt shoulder to accommodate vehicular traffic, improve pedestrian traffic and improve snow removal operations
  • Parking lot modifications that include improvements to the asphalt pedestrian openings between granite curb islands to accommodate snow removal equipment
  • A dedicated student drop off area near the office
  • An emergency access drive through the construction of a 10-foot asphalt service drive and turnaround for snow removal and easy access to building’s rescue windows
  • Temperature control system expansion by adding a high water alarm at sump pumps, freezer/cooler temperature alarms and a DDC system call out feature

Hannibal High School

  • 150 KW diesel powered emergency generator to provide emergency power to boilers, pumps, freezers, cooler and life support, as well as to the cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium lights, heat and ventilation
  • Main entrance improvements that include the renovation of the attendance area to provide additional exterior door entry to existing office, creating a new main entrance; provide a secured entrance requiring passage through the office, which restricts open access to stairwells and hallways; redesign and construct larger drop-off area with additional visitor parking; and included sidewalks and access compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Asbestos abatement for floor tiles that are encapsulated under newer tile (abate floor tiles and mastic), and abate mastic in pipe insulation on water heater
  • Add an exhaust system to science rooms through the current hood
  • Enclose gymnasium exit doors as the current condition is below grade and stair wells fill with snow, restricting egress; enclose and extend to landing of existing stairs with a curtain-wall system and aluminum doors
  • Replace the main fire alarm system panel with upgrades
  • Replace kitchen panel boards
  • Add sump pump and waterproof foundation walls to prevent storm water in the storage room
  • Replace an exterior service lift

Both buildings

  • Access control and intrusion detection through a district-wide security management system and a compatible video-badging system
  • CCTV surveillance that will replace VCR system with digital video system and network virtual matrix system
  • A dust collection system with spark detection and fire suppression system to technology classrooms
  • Replace exterior doors, frames and hardware with heavy aluminum or fiberglass reinforced insulated units equipped with heavy-duty hardware coordinated with access control systems

Kenney Middle School

  • Replace variably frequency drives and increase size hot water pumps to efficiently run HVAC system
  • Provide gooseneck relief vents by replacing relief vent dampers and raise curb, adding into the DDC system
  • Provide or improve heating, ventilation and air conditioning by replacing exhaust fans that will be tied into the DDC system, replacing single unit vents in rooms with roof top zone units and replacing/upgrading the heating system in halls of older wings
  • Lighting improvements that will retrofit existing fixtures with emergency ballasts and replace 12 HID luminaries with fluorescent luminaries in cafeteria/old gymnasium area

Hannibal High School

  • Replace existing soffits with ventilated roof soffits and insulate corridor areas in 1954 wing
  • Replace hot water heater tanks, wrap pipes and accessories, as well as replace the kitchen water heater
  • Lighting improvements: Replace all lighting in locker rooms with vandal resistant luminaries, add switches in several locations, replace exterior lighting to standardize fixtures to 2002 project and replace existing luminaries with fluorescent luminaries with cages in gym
  • DDC System: Add alarms to freezer/cooler and sump pumps through DDC, add AHU for chiller/ventilation in auditorium and replace the AHU in gym (1969 installation) and add to DDC
  • Provide or improve heating, ventilation and air conditioning: install exhaust fans that will have efficient replacements tied into the DDC system; replace single unit vents in rooms with roof top zone units; replace/upgrade heating system in halls of older wings; add air conditioning in server room and computer labs; replace PTAC units and add to DDC; and add heating in corridor of auditorium

Both buildings
Replace all exterior windows (except 2002 additions at Kenney and 1986 additions at the high school) with thermally-broken aluminum with insulated high performance glass
Replace exterior doors, frames and hardware with aluminum or fiberglass reinforced insulated units

Hannibal High School

  • Improvements to the drive and walkways between the gymnasium and bus garage that includes the removal and replacement of the access drive, curb, ADA curb ramps, storm structures and rails between, as well as the installation of a 10-foot, ADA-compliant walk-way around the building near the gym
  • Auditorium upgrades that will replace the exterior stairs and provide ADA ramp area and an interior ADA-compliant lift to the right of the stage
  • Provide new lift in corridor location area with sufficient head room

Kenney Middle School

  • Replace the mix of corridor tiles with ceramic to match the recent additions to create unifying theme throughout the building
  • Exterior work, including a roof replacement over the 1964 addition with warranted single-ply system to improve drainage issues; new tile surface panels at windows and cafeteria/entrance vertical walls to match other schools; and exterior lighted sign for front of building for community communication; and an alternative weep design at all high and low weep locations for proper ventilation of brick front
  • Renovate the gymnasium entrance area to provide counter surfaces with serving openings with roll-down shutters
  • Plumbing improvements: replace the sump pump under cafeteria and add to DDC; replace outdated fixtures, clay traps, sinks, base cabinets and bubblers; and correct the sanitary line plumb
  • Replace the existing clock system with a wireless GPS clock system so that all buildings will be synchronized to avoid scheduling issues

Hannibal High School

  • Replace the roof with single-ply system (District Office Wing Built-up system) and roof repairs as noted in specific areas
  • Kitchen improvements, including a providing a new blast chiller, refinish the serving counter and installing a new walk-in freezer near loading dock
  • Plumbing: Replace outdated fixtures through out building, replace mop sinks, and correct drainage problem in closet near cafeteria
  • Provide proper cabinets and shelving for the central printing room and art rooms
  • Provide a paver block surface with tables in central exterior courtyard near cafeteria
  • Gymnasium improvements: Replace floor and re-stripe, replace backboards with safety pads, reconfigure and reconstruct shower areas, toilet areas, staff rooms and main locker rooms and increase number of plumbing fixtures and comply with ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Drive improvements: Add drain structure to parking lot by district office to accommodate additional water from the roadway, provide way-finding signage and remove and replace worn pavement from all parking lots and driveways
  • Exterior work: Paint cast stone to compliment new window/panel systems and install exterior lighted sign for front of building for community communication

The public vote will be held from noon to 9 p.m., Nov. 4 in the Board of Education room at the Hannibal High School. Any questions about the project can be directed to DiFabio or Henner at 564-7900. Information about the vote is also available on the district Web site at www.hannibalcsd.org.