Hannibal School District To Increase Outreach Efforts

HANNIBAL – The Hannibal Central School District’s comprehensive family and community engagement plan aims to increase outreach efforts to build trust in the local school system.

Director of Pupil Personnel Services Stacy Longyear said the plan is a work in progress that addresses many aspects of family engagement in the schools.

Events, activities and other opportunities are already offered within the elementary, middle and high schools. However, outreach to parents needs to expand into community-based settings, she said.

“We are planning on bringing the school to them; meeting them where they are,” Longyear said.

Collaboration with community groups and agencies will help facilitate that through the use of a local fire hall for meetings or the Oswego County Department of Social Services sharing district information with their clients in the greater Hannibal area.

Community members will also be invited to work alongside school district staff members through programs such as Adopt-a-Highway.

“Students need to feel connected to and cared about, and so do their families,” Longyear said.

One way that has been done at Fairley Elementary School is by sending thank you notes to parents who ensure that their child has exemplary attendance.

The official family and community engagement plan will be completed in January and presented internally.

Professional development will then be offered to teachers.

The plan will serve as a working document so issues can be addressed as they arise.