Hannibal Schools To Explore Talk That Private Land At The High School May Be For Sale

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For decades, Hannibal High School has had to share space with and work around a home located smack dab in the middle of its frontage along Auburn St.

This week, Superintendent of Schools Mike DiFabio told the Board of Education that the land and home may be for sale. The board gave him approval to get more information.

According to county property tax records available online, the home at 1045 Auburn St. (see map above) is owned by Mary Blanchard of Martville. She bought the 163′ by 318′ lot and home for $33,000 in 2007. The home is assessed at $47,000. DiFabio said he had heard through the grapevine that the seller was asking for $50,000.

The high school has always had to work around the home, which is surrounded by asphalt. On the north side of the home lies the high school’s main parking lot. On the south side is the bus garage. The two sides are connected along the back of the home’s property by a bus loop.

DiFabio indicated that the district encroaches on the private owner’s property, but he said the district has the owner’s permission.

“It will create a small problem for us if someone were to buy it and stop us from driving on (the property),” he said.

DiFabio thought that if the district could purchase the land, it would tear down the home and pave the area for parking of cars and buses.

If the property is for sale and if the district is interested in buying it, voters will have to approve the purchase.

DiFabio also mentioned that the district had been approached about a piece of land for sale across from Fairley Elementary that could be used for parking as well, but neither he nor the board expressed an interest in looking into it.

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  1. When are the CLUELESS gonna stop running Hannibal schools?
    All the properties that border the school grounds could of been bought for PENNIES thru the years. All of a sudden they properties are needed and we the taxpayers are gonna have to pay to dollars to get them? Haven’t we already spent on enough on “improvements” to improve student state test scores yet get FAILING state test

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