Hannibal Sets Calendar for Approving 2011-12 School Budget

Hannibal’s Board of Education last week approved a calendar of the events that will take place leading up to the May 17, 2011 vote on a proposed school budget.

A crucial part of the budget planning takes place with less information than necessary.  By law, the district must adopt its budget in early April — just days after the state budget is supposed to be enacted.

The state budget contains the amount of state aid each school district will receive.  State aid is the largest source of income for the district.

However, state legislators are often late in approving the state budget.

Districts like Hannibal work from estimates of what they’re expecting to receive in aid.  It’s an educated guess at what they’ll receive, but it’s not a guarantee.

Districts expect to receive less aid for their 2011-12 budgets, because the state is beginning the year with an anticipated $10 billion deficit.  The $9 billion deficit in the current state budget caused across-the-board cuts in school aid.  Those cuts hurt poorer districts disproportionately.

Across-the-board cuts are being discussed for the next state budget as well.

The calendar adopted by the Board of Education:

Review 2011-12 budget and long-term financial plan 1/27/11
Special meeting
Estimated date for release of Governor’s budget 2/1/11
Review of Governor’s budget and district revenue 2/9/11
Regular meeting
Winter break 2/21-25/11
Board of Education regular meeting 3/9/11
New York State budget deadline 4/1/11
School budget adoption day 4/6/11
Special meeting
BOCES annual meeting 4/12/11
Board of Education regular meeting 4/13/11
Spring break 4/18-22/11
Deadline to submit petitions for Board of Education seats and propositions 4/18/11
4:00 p.m.
Deadline to approve budget 4/22/11
BOCES budget vote and BOCES board election 4/25/11
Special meeting
Budget public hearing 5/9/11
Mail budget notice 5/10/11
Board of Education regular meeting 5/11/11
Budget vote and election of Board of Education candidates 5/17/11