Hannibal Student Accepted Into Elite Musical, Dramatic Academy Program

HANNIBAL – Hannibal High School junior Kiersten Lathrop will take her acting talents to the Big Apple this summer as part of an elite opportunity through the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

The two-week AMDA High School Summer Conservatory in New York City offers performing arts students nationwide to experience rigorous training from industry professionals. Participants must submit an application and successfully complete a follow-up interview for consideration into the program.

For Lathrop, who said she was initially hesitant to apply, the stress of the application process disappeared when she learned of her acceptance into the program.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I can remember,” she said. “I’m excited to have this learning opportunity.”

The opportunity is a chance for Lathrop to fulfill a lifelong dream of acting in front of a camera with professionals who share her passion for entertainment.

She said her experience on stage with the high school’s Purple Gallery has been a great learning tool and will prepare her for acting success this summer.

“I’m not going into this completely blind,” Lathrop said. “Purple Gallery really helped me build my stage presence in different roles.”

In addition to her performances with the high school drama club, Lathrop cited her experience in chorus as another contributor to her success. She praised chorus teacher Denise Ellis for her guidance and encouragement.

“Ms. Ellis is the main reason why I got into this program. She told me about it and urged me to apply,” Lathrop said. “She is so dedicated to her students and I’m grateful that she brought this opportunity to my attention.”

Ultimately, Lathrop hopes this experience will help her develop acting skills that will translate into an on-screen role.

She said she would love to star in a movie with Reese Witherspoon because she admires Witherspoon’s diversity and her ability to excel in everything from drama to comedy.