Hannibal Students Build ‘Em and Bust ‘Em

The Hannibal bridge building team.

On Saturday, November 21, the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) hosted the annual “Build ’Em and Bust ’Em” Bridge Building Competition for 600 pupils from local elementary, middle and high school students throughout Central New York.

Student teams designed and built balsa wood bridges in the Kenney Middle School Technology Education classrooms under the direction of technology teacher Greg Bailey.

There were specific competition guidelines all students had to follow in class to build the wooden bridges. The winning bridges at the event were based on their efficiency determined by the mass of the bridge divided into weight the bridge could support before failure.

The student learned about problem solving, engineering, optimization, teamwork, math, and science. Technology education classes helps students better understand our human made world.

Eighteen students made up the eight teams that represented the Hannibal School District’s Kenney Middle School at this year’s the event.

All teams competed in the bridge category 2 representing grades 7th and 8th. The students teams consisted of following students: Nathan Welling and Austin Donhauser; Olive Mann and Brandi Freeman; Nathan Larock and Owen Braun; Matt Combes, Jonathan Combes, and Megan Norris; Kate Thompson and Taylor McLaughlin; Katelyn Olcott, Katelyn Ernestine, and Courtney Battist; Jeremy Darrow and Logan Scott; Ryan Parhurst and Edwin Gonzales

This year’s contest was co-sponsored by the L.C. Smith College of Engineering, Computer Science at Syracuse University and , Technology Alliance of CNY