Hannibal Varsity Boys X-C Takes 2nd Place at 59th Annual Baldwinsville Invitational

Submitted by coach Dan Pawlewicz

The Hannibal Boys Varsity Cross Country team traveled to Baldwinsville Jr. High School on Saturday, September 25th to compete in the 59th Annual Baldwinsville Cross Country Invitational.

There were approximately 56 schools and more than 2,300 runners at the Invitational.

Hannibal ran in the 1st race of the day along with several NYS ranked teams (Marcellus, Holland Patent, Jordan Elbridge, Thomas Edison). Even though the heroic Warriors didn’t have a runner in the top ten, the team dug down deep to pull off an absolutely incredible finish!

Out of 27 teams competing in the race, Hannibal brought home the 2nd place plaque.

There were 183 runners in this race.

Coming in first for Hannibal and 12th place overall was Sherzod Shamiev (a foreign exchange student from Tajikistan). Junior Ben Griffin was next in 13th place, followed by Sophomore Ryan Perry 17th, Junior Curtis Baker 21st, and Freshman Ben Slate.

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  1. The Hannibal Cross Country team, that includes modified, are doing well this year. There are a few on the modified teams who also ran a great race at the B’ville Invitational on September 25th with two (0ne on girls- out of 165 racers, one on boys – out of 139 racers) that came in the top twenty of their races. Also, in the girls varsity, our top runner came in in at 38 out of 144 runners. Great job to all of the Hannibal Cross Country team, very proud of all of you!

  2. Kathryn: Thanks for adding that excellent information! Please feel free to keep everyone posted about the team through us. There’s a link at the top of each page to send us a press release. It’s easy!

    Thanks again, and good luck to the team!

    Dave Bullard/Managing Editor

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